Are Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 LED Bulbs Any Good?

    PUBLISHED ON 11/16/2020

    Introducing the brand new 2Stroke 3.0 LED bulbs from our friends over at Morimoto! These bulbs come with a new philosophy in LED bulb thinking. These bulbs are not the brightest bulbs out there in the aftermarket. But what they do for you is they create a linear improvement that is proportioned to your original bulbs in their original optics when you put them inside of your headlights or fog lights. And that is what really makes them special from other options out there!

    C7 Corvette LED Tail Lights, Headlights, Side markers and More.

    PUBLISHED ON 8/3/2020

    It seems like everyone with a C7 'Vette nowadays wants to upgrade their original C7 tail lightsC7 headlights, and C7 side markers to the new LED assemblies from Morimoto and it's hard to blame them! There are a ton of Corvette LED upgrades you can do to your car so why not get started? It's already fast, now make it bright.

    How to build custom LED projector retrofit headlights and install projectors and halos with Morimoto

    PUBLISHED ON 4/30/2020

    Everyone knows that LED projector retrofits are the future, and the best way to create your own custom and SUPER BRIGHT LED headlights. The MLED 2.0 bi-LED Projector retrofit kit is the most technologically advanced option available in the world right now when it comes to custom headlight builds.

    The LED technology is built in to the projector and there is no bulb or ballast to worry about. In this video TRS Val shows you how to open your own headlights and do the install yourself!

    Laser VS HID VS LED Projector Headlight Retrofit.

    PUBLISHED ON 8/5/2020

    At TRS, we aim to offer something for every application and for every projector retrofit custom headlight fitment! That can leave a lot of questions for people on which projector is best for them. Matt walks us through our most popular projectors, what each one offers, and some of their pros/cons!

    The best Ford Mustang LED headlights money can buy.

    PUBLISHED ON 8/26/2020

    If you have an S550 Ford Mustang built from 2018 - 2021 then you've already got great taste in muscle cars and it's time to take it to the next level. Did you know Morimoto has a full lineup of LED Mustang headlightsLED Mustang taillightsLED Mustang side marker replacements as well as other LED bulbs for your car? In this video, you'll see exactly what to expect when shopping for new LED headlights for your ride.

    The best LED headlights for your Nissan 370z.

    PUBLISHED ON 4/8/2020

    No matter what year of Nissan 370z you own, the Morimoto XB LED blacked out projector headlights will fit your car and improve your driving experience! They look better than stock, they are the same quality or better than stock, and they are WAY brighter than your old HID headlights. Totally plug and play and in this video Matt goes over all the reasons why you can't live another DAY without these headlights on your Z34.

    The technology behind LED strips, LED halos, and LED angel eyes.

    PUBLISHED ON 4/7/2021

    There is a whole world out there full of LED halosLED flexible strips, LED projectors, LED demon eyesLED angel eyes, and it's hard to know what's worth spending your time on. 
    In this video, Matt breaks it down so you can understand your options and what makes one version better for your project than a different LED option.

    The truth about aftermarket fog lights: Brighter Isn't Always Brighter!

    PUBLISHED ON 3/3/2021

    One of the most common search terms you'll find on lighting forums is "how do I get brighter fog lights?" which to us is crazy! Your fog lights aren't supposed to be brighter than your headlights... They are too close to the ground and a bright fog light will actually LIMIT your long-range nighttime driving vision... Matt explains more in this informative video.

    What really makes an LED bulb better or brighter than another?

    PUBLISHED ON 3/30/2021

    The LED chip tolerance box is used when engineering a high-power LED headlight or fog light bulb and most people don't understand that so this video dives deep into LED bulb technology. Choosing an LED bulb for your vehicle can be very confusing because there are so many options to pick from. In today's TRS Tech Tip Video Matt will be going over what you should look for when looking for an LED bulb for your lighting needs.

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