The Start of Something Big

Years ago there were no formal sources for retrofitting components. You would have to get a damaged headlight off of eBay or from a salvage yard, extract all the parts from it yourself and design and put together your own wire harness. There were no guarantees on the internal or working condition of these parts, and they were expensive too. You want a set of OEM [plastic] projector shrouds from a BMW E46? $200. A set of OEM clear lenses? That'll be another two bills. You haven't even purchased the core components for the retrofit yet. How about some Acura TL projectors? 300 bucks. Decent condition used OEM ballasts and Philips light bulbs: $200 please and thank you sir.

And thus, The Retrofit Source was born in June of 2005.

Originally specializing in collecting and supplying the hard-to-find HID headlight retrofit components, we started out as a company who purchased and recycled slightly damaged headlight assemblies in bulk from salvage yards around the US. Everything salvageable was cleaned, tested and sold; only to realize road-use once again in a retrofit. Eventually we developed our own purpose-built lineup of parts. Starting with the high-demand parts that could be used across the board such as our E46-Replica shrouds or ZKW-Replica lenses, they were an instant hit. Offering OEM-like performance on an aftermarket budget, we expanded the lineup to include other necessities such as ballasts, bulbs, wire harnesses, and of course projectors. All of these components were conceptualized and engineered in-house and ultimately became the foundation for what became Morimoto. Though TRS is best known as the North American distributor for the Morimoto brand, we also represent other well-respected brands in the automotive lighting industry such as Philips, Osram, Xenon Depot, GTR Lighting, Profile Performance, Denso, Matsushita, TapTurn — and that's just scratching the surface.

In 2010, TRS acquired the HIDPlanet forum to create a community for lighting enthusiasts to gather.

In 2014, TRS founded the Headlight Junkies group on Facebook to do the same thing all over again, but in a modern setting.

In 2017, TRS acquired LEDConcepts Lighting, who was well known for their presence in the show car lighting scene.

In 2019, TRS acquired Xenon Depot, Canada's most well-respected automotive lighting distributor & brand.

In 2019, TRS acquired Headlight Revolution and GTR Lighting, a MN based business best known for their impartial and influential video reviews.

“We truly believed that everybody without a retrofit didn't know what they were missing. By significantly lowering prices, creating a single source for all required components, and educating those who gave us the chance, we were on a mission.”

With so much specialized knowledge, talent, and history under one roof, our team of 50+ individuals can't help but consume headlight tech for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's in our blood.

Was it being in the right place at the right time that got us here? Is it the "no let-downs allowed" attitude in our customer service? Maybe the parts just sell themselves? Whatever it is, it's amazing how much we've accomplished since opening up shop in 2005. The Retrofit Source currently collaborates with over 50 various manufacturers, all of the most professional lighting outfitters in the US, and has served tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. We are proud to have a prominent customer base in Canada, the Middle East, the UK and Australia. We recognize that sometimes we're imperfect. Sometimes we have growing pains. Sometimes we flat-out fail. We are human. At the end of the day we are a young, enthusiastic group of car guys with a passion for perfecting the night time drive and our goal was, still is, and always will be to supply you with the most appropriate, best performing products for your application at the best price. We've worked hard to earn our reputation in this industry, and promise to make every customer happy without exception.

Whether you're just getting started by dealing with our excellent customer service or you're already comfortably cruising on that dark road at night, you'll be glad you dealt with The Retrofit Source. Huge thanks to all who give us the pleasure of serving you!

Yours truly,

Matt Kossoff
Founder, The Retrofit Source

The TRS Crew

  • This Squad Rolls Deep

    • Brian Reese: Chief Executive Officer

    • Matt Kossoff: Chief Product Officer

    • Chris Nelson: Chief Marketing Officer

    • Victor Jimenez: VP of Finance

    • Jeremie Baker: VP of Operations

    • Nick Caloroso: National Sales Manager

    • Josh Kossoff: IT Manager

    • Jason Yoo: Director of Business IT & Systems

    • Andrew Powers: Catalog Manager

    • Curt Prom: Director of Operations

    • Bradley Brown: Director of Innovation

    • Cody Mayer: Director of Engineering

    • Rob Shimits: Creative Director

    • Holly Chunn: Human Resources Manager

    • Yoshi Ishida: Lead Engineer

    • Louisa Kamau: Materials Manager

    • Helen McCabe: Senior Accountant

    • Josh Beberg: Video Production Manager

    • Zach Williams: Customer Service Manager

    • Val Cheban: New Product Development

Our Shop

Located in West Midtown in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia; our 50,000 Sq Ft facility houses our entire operation. Up front, our showroom is decked out with the latest product offerings on display. Our modern customer service office is home to 30 of the best product specialists in the southeast. Our CEO, CMO, Accounting team and digital media team maintain modern, dedicated office space to the rear. Our fulfillment warehouse stays stocked with massive amounts of headlight happiness at all times. Behind it all, a 6000 Sq Ft studio garage is home to all of our product photos, testing, and video production. The car guy culture at TRS is strong.

Each one of our unique quality control procedures has a dedicated workspace to ensure consistency. We even have a purpose-built dark room for tuning and testing projectors in the perfect environment. Our inventory lives in a fully digital warehouse designed to maximize throughput.

On any given day, the shop is filled with the sounds of coffee brewing, phones buzzing, keyboards clanging, tape guns unreeling, new product presentations, and car guys gawking. Come by and beg for a tour, we'll show you around!