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More than the world's largest supplier of high-end automotive lighting upgrades

Are you searching for an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade headlight bulbs on your car, truck, motorcycle, or off-road vehicle? We're a group of enthusiasts with a passion for perfecting your night-time driving experience. Our goal is to supply you with the best performing headlight upgrades that have been tailored to fit your application, at a price that works within budget. These are HID headlight upgrades for those who are serious about the looks and performance of their vehicle.

If you're driving something truly special, other enthusiasts will notice you during the day - but don't make the mistake of cruising by unnoticed at night. We carry a variety of individual aftermarket and OEM automobile lighting products, and we offer the ability to put together custom headlight upgrade kits to your specific requirements. From HID headlight upgrades to the latest LED bulbs and accessories, TRS will set you up with everything you need to improve vision on the road and provide a personalized style that stands out from the crowd.

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New Blog post: 5/10/2017

Headlights are one of the most important features on any motor vehicle. While the average driver is likelier to think of the engine, wheels and passenger compartment on the shortlist of automotive essentials, headlights are close behind in terms of usefulness. Even though you don’t need headlights to actually run a car, you must have...

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“Ordered a pair of projectors friday night. They were in the mail before i woke up monday morning. Couldn't be happier with the advice I have been given through the numerous emails i have sent them. Their online tutorials couldn't be more helpful. Truly, nothing bad to say. Look forward to using TRS in the future.”

– Colton

“I live in michigan well i was actually down here in Georgia. So i was able to actually go to TRS direct and it was deff. a cool thing to see met the whole crew andrew , matt and many more. they were all really cool gave me a cool tour of the shop & matt deff hooked me up. There customer service is nothing more then excellent just how it is over the phone. and as usual amazing product's im a TRS customer 4 Life i will recomend nothing but TRS as well to anyone i know. If you ever are in Georgia deff. visit there shop it's a once in life time experience to see all the projector's they deal with and how they do everything it's a real cool thing to see. Hope to visit there again one day when ...”

– Justin Wrinkle