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Universal retrofit kits are fast becoming one of our most popular items in our stock. This range of projector headlights retrofit kits are fairly convenient to maneuver, and you can easily install them yourselves or with your mechanic’s help. Since these kits work with virtually all types of cars, getting one can enable you to enjoy all the benefits of projector headlights without having to worry whether the product you are buying can be installed on your car or not. Buying your projector headlights and retrofit kits from The Retrofit Source is another reason why you should have peace of mind. We are the world’s largest supplier of high-end aftermarket automotive lighting solutions


If you are thinking about upgrading your car’s headlights to projector technology, you are going to need a good projector kit. Projector kits are required to install projector headlights on a vehicle. Until recently, car owners who wanted to give their car the luxury look and feel of projector headlights had to look for specific retrofit kits that were designed for their car’s make and model. A lot of them would give up, since getting their hands on a replacement projector headlight assembly that could fit in their car was tiresome and often disappointing for two reasons: 1. There was no reliable place with an ample stock and variety of projector kits, and 2. Projector headlights retrofit kits were being built for highly popular cars only. At least until suppliers like The Retrofit Source entered the market.


As you can see below, we have a wide variety of easy install universal retrofit kits available. Click on the one you like to read about the product in detail. You can also use the ‘Choose Your Car’ filter on top of this page to make sure you only see the products that will work with your car.


Our team at The Retrofit Source felt the disappointment car owners faced when they could not find projector kits that would work with their car. We, and other suppliers in the market, thought about what could be done. The natural solution for this problem was to develop universal retrofit kits for projector headlights. HOW UNIVERSAL PROJECTOR KITS WORK: Universal projector kits are designed to work with a wide range of car headlight assemblies. These products are sold as a set of components that you fit in your car’s existing assembly. If you have ever replaced your car’s headlight assembly before, installing your new projector headlights using a universal retrofit kit should not be much more difficult. The process is similar with one major difference: Since you are not installing a new assembly with the headlight, you will need to uninstall each assembly out of your car, dismantle the pair one after the other, and replace the parts inside with the new ones. These parts include lenses, shutters and reflectors. With these new components installed into the assemblies, you can reinstall the assemblies. The wiring bit in universal retrofit kits is usually done by cutting and soldering the wires as the last step of the process. Once done, sit behind the wheel and check how cool your new projector headlights look.


Aftermarket automotive projector headlights upgrades is a relatively new market, and these products have grown in demand over the last 20 years as awareness of safe headlights that would not blind other drivers, especially in night time, increased. As more and more drivers began to look for ways to improve their headlights’ performance – amount of light thrown on the road without leaking to the edges and hurting oncoming drivers’ vision, projector headlights and retrofitting became popular. Over time, we have worked on adding variety in our stock of universal retrofit kits. As a supplier that never compromises on quality, we use components built by recognized and trusted headlights and assembly manufacturers to design our products. Currently, we have a comprehensive range of universal retrofit kits available in our online store. These are divided into various categories of output and technology. We have also recently added a perfectly reliable stage-I universal retrofit kit for motorcycle projector headlight.