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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 2 x LS40

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Morimoto's ZKW-R Clear Lenses, being their inaugural aftermarket retrofitting component, have maintained a consistent demand in the market. Designed with a benchmark performance reminiscent of the BMW E46's OEM 3" ZKW lens, these lenses offer unparalleled optical clarity at a fraction of the cost retrofitters once paid for similar quality. They seamlessly align with Bosch Bi-xenon (E46) projectors, making it a straightforward choice for those seeking an enhancement. When considering an upgrade, these lenses stand out not just for performance but also for their meticulous design, ensuring compatibility and peak projector performance.


  • Trailblazing Product: As Morimoto's debut retrofitting part, the ZKW-R Clear Lenses set the standard in projector performance, particularly with Acura TL bi-xenons.
  • Superior Clarity: Rivaling and even surpassing the renowned OEM 3" ZKW lens of BMW E46, these lenses deliver top-tier optical clarity without breaking the bank.
  • E46 Compatibility: Perfectly tailored for Bosch Bi-xenon (E46) projectors, ensuring a hassle-free fit.
  • Value-Added Upgrade: Morimoto lenses are not just affordable but elevate projector performance to unmatched heights.
  • One Size Fits Perfectly: Prioritizing compatibility, these lenses are crafted considering both diameter and focus height to ensure a flawless fit.


  • Lenses: 2x (One Pair) ZKW-R Clear Lenses


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Dimensions: 74mm DIA, 24mm Focus Height

  • Lens Type: 100% Clarity 'Kuria Optic' Glass


  • ACURA: 3G TL Bi-xenon

  • AUDI: A4, A6 / 3in AL/Bosch Bi-Xenon

  • BMW: All w/ 3in AL/Bosch Bi-Xenon

  • MERCEDES-BENZ: E Class / 3in Hella Bi-Xenon

  • OTHER: All 3in Projectors w/ 22mm Focus


Heavy Hitter: As the very first aftermarket retrofitting part Morimoto offered, the ZKW-R Clear Lenses continues to be a hot seller. It defines the term "performance gain" on projectors such as the popular Acura TL bi-xenons.

Replica+ Easily matching & beating the OEM 3" ZKW lens from the BMW E46 that we benchmarked for this version, the optical clarity of the ZKW-R Clear Lenses is unsurpassed. Years ago, retrofitters used to pay $200 for a set of those stock lenses.

E46 Spec: The ZKW-R Clear Lenses work perfectly on Bosch Bi-xenon (AKA "E46") projectors as-is.

No Brainer: Adding a set of clear lenses to your OEM headlights or projector retrofit with OEM projectors should be a "no-brainer". Not only are these Morimoto lenses an inexpensive upgrade, but they allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.

Size Matters: When picking out a pair of clear lenses, it's not about which model is "best" - it's about compatibility. The diameter AND focus height of the lens are both very important.

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews


Really amazing


Really amazing with the ZKW-R clear lens!!! I installed a pair of them to my Acura TL projectors, the output is brighter 30%, wider 20% and the cut-off line is very sharp. Besides that, I think you should install a pair of Morimoto 5Five 50W ballasts and Morimoto 50W xenon bulbs as well, your output is always on the top!!!


Replaced my sto


Replaced my stock lens with this ZKW-r for my '04 Acura TL, and the cutoff was razor blade sharp. I also have a deep purple/blue color band at the top of the beam which can be seen on a garage door. The output combined with the Morimoto 3 5000K bulbs gives my car a distinct look at night that's clean and crisp and sets it apart from the other guys running 10000K bulbs.


Life brought ba


Life brought back into my BMW AL headlights!! No more blurry brown cutoff. I can't believe I waited 3 years to do this swap and it was so easy. Took about two hours for both headlights and the results are amazing. Paired with new Philips bulbs I have a nice crisp and defined cutoff. This is a must do!

- Solidjake


Best Swap Upgrade


Amazing difference. Installed these on my 2010 Mercedes C300 and it sharpened my HID cutoff, gave me more cutoff color, and increased my beam intensity. Highly recommend them. U wont be disappointed.


clear lens awesomeness!!


got these and installed and with minor adjustments i was able to get a sick cut off and now i love my headlights on my 06' TL even more than the day i got it. great buy!!




Ordered the lenses and the optional spacer kit. Both factory retainer clips on my stock projectors broke just trying to clamp in the lense, let alone a single spacer. The tabs are FAR too weak to bend. It will require very tedious grinding on the projector housing spike to get these things just to snap in. Now I need to find new projectors or just the retainers if I can even find them.


Slightly larger than OEM lenses


Absolutely phenomenal performance. Only downside is the diameter of the lens is larger by about 2mm compared to OEM lenses. These will not fit without some grinding or careful positioning.


Great Customer Service


Wow, you want to talk about Great customer service. Matt who i believe is the owner of TRS went above and beyond to resolve a problem with an order which was due to some miscommunication between both ends. I honestly was upset initially due to the error in receiving the wrong part and I'm sure I was not the easiest person to talk to at the time on the phone, but when Charlie got Matt on the phone, he put me at ease and not only did he resolve the problem quickly, but he stayed on the phone with me until everything came through including pictures, the tracking information for the replacement parts and he expedited the shipping so I wouldn't have to worry about not having my vehicle offline and the part arrived in two days. In addition he told me to keep the other part free of charge. I really appreciate the way TRS handled the matter and will recommend these guys to anyone looking for their products. Hands done great customer service and that is why they guys have been around for a long time.

The lens are great quality, and will vastly improve the performance and I could not be happier


ZKW-R clear lense


I bought these to replace the lenses on a 2005 Acura TL. They made a huge difference in the cutoff and clarity. I bought the "b-stock" and they were nearly perfect. A definite upgrade over the stock lenses.

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