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D1S: Philips 85415 WHV2 White Vision

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Brand: Philips




PART #: 1 x B111


Introducing the Philips White Vision Gen 2's 5000K D1S HID bulbs – the pinnacle of OEM quality and style for your vehicle's lighting. Philips has outshone the competition with their latest offering, delivering unmatched intensity that outperforms even the Osram CBH. With the White Vision Gen 2, you'll experience a crisp, perfectly white light output, complemented by a subtle touch of exotic blue for that eye-catching flair without sacrificing visibility. We take pride in providing genuine Philips products, ensuring your safety on the road, as up to 80% of bulbs from other sources are counterfeit. Best of all, we offer these authentic Philips bulbs at an unbeatable price, far below what you'll find elsewhere. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with the Philips White Vision Gen 2 – where quality, style, and affordability meet!


  • OEM Quality: Philips White Vision Gen 2 bulbs provide unmatched intensity.
  • Stylish Lighting: Crisp white light with a touch of blue for a trendy look.
  • Genuine: Authentic Philips quality to ensure safety on the road.
  • Affordable: Get superior lighting at a price that won't break the bank.
  • Easy Install: Hassle-free upgrade for your vehicle's lighting.


  • Bulbs: 2x (One Pair) D1S Philips 85415 WHV2 White Vision HID Bulbs


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Bulb Size: D1S (PK32D-2)

  • Intensity: 3,000lm (est.)

  • Power: 35-55w

  • 55w Ballasts: +20% lm, -1000K Color (est.)

  • Rated Lifespan: 2,500hrs (3-5yrs)




  • OSRAM PART #: 66144 / 66140 / 66146 / 66145 / 66147

  • PHILIPS PART #: 85402 / 85407 / 85410 / 85415

  • AUDI PART #: N10445701

  • BMW PART #: 63217162862 / 63217160807

  • MERCEDES PART #: 91013900000 / N 000000 004248


OEM Quality: Stand out look! If you're in the market for the best quality 5000K D1S HID bulbs on the market, it's hard to look past the newest option on the market from Philips, their White Vision Gen 2's! Sure the new Osram CBH is a solid competitor, but in third party comparisons between the latest and greatest from Philips and Osram, these Philips 5000K HID bulbs always took the win in the intensity department.

Crisp: The WHV2's will offer you a perfectly white light output with just a light tinge of exotic looking blue hue to it- but without being too stark - giving users the perfect contrast between style and excellent visibility while driving at night. If budget isn't a major concern, you will not be disappointed.

Genuine: Here at TRS, we pride ourselves on being one of the last few distributors shipping genuine Philips & Osram lamps in the US. It is estimated that 80% of these bulbs sold through outlets such as eBay or Amazon are fakes. Don't be fooled by ads offering these bulbs for anything less than $150 as there is a high chance the bulbs are cheap Chinese knock offs.

Priced Right: Doing some competitive research, the only other store offering these bulbs that are verifiably real Philips is offering them for $190. Can't beat our price!

Overview Video: Check out this helpful video to see how the Philips bulbs compare.

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