High Beam Splitters

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Brand: TRS




PART #: 1 x H390

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Illuminate your drive with our refined "Y" pigtails designed for a seamless plug-n-play experience. Harness the power of dual high beams by integrating a bi-xenon projector, or delve into quad retrofitting for an amplified lighting array. Sport bike aficionados can transition to a dual low/high beam configuration for enhanced visibility. Ensure a perfect fit by selecting the right input size, corresponding to your high beam bulb type. Trust in our decade-long legacy where we prioritize quality, performance, and customer-centric solutions.


  • Plug-N-Play: Say goodbye to crimp-on wire taps and embrace our user-friendly "Y" pigtails for easy signal division.
  • Double High Beams: Utilize existing halogen high beams by retrofitting with a bi-xenon projector, effectively doubling your high beam output.
  • Quad Retrofits: Expand your lighting capabilities with the option to run two low beam harnesses in parallel, activating dual bi-xenon solenoids.
  • Sport Bikes Retrofits: Transform your single low/high beam into a dual setup with two bi-xenon projectors for an unparalleled lighting experience.
  • Custom Fitments: Guarantee compatibility by selecting the input size that aligns with your stock high beam bulb type, paired with a 9006 output for your bi-xenon projector solenoid.


  • Splitter: 1x High Beam Splitter


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Length: Approx 8.25in / 21cm

  • Max Load: 10A @ 12V DC

  • Wiring: 18 AWG w/ Braided TechFlex


  • BI-XENON PROJECTORS: All models / types

  • HALOGEN BULBS: Compatible up to 55W

  • VEHICLES: All w/ Original Halogen Bulbs


Plug-N-Play: Forget about crimp-on wire taps, these convenient "Y" pigtails make splitting or doubling the signals from your headlight system easy and clean.

Double High Beams: So you already have a halogen high beam? When retrofitting a bi-xenon projector; you can harness the stock high beam power to activate the bi-xenon solenoid at the same time, thus doubling your high beam output.

Quad Retrofits: Use a splitter to run two low beam harnesses in parallel for four ballasts and then activate two pairs of bi-xenon solenoids off a single high beam output. Three total splitters needed.

Sport Bikes Retrofits: Instead of a single low beam and a single high beam, you can retrofit two bi-xenon projectors and split the single high beam output into both projector solenoids. Instant dual low beam dual high beam setup! (generally H7 Male to 9006/9006 female)

All Fitments: For the input, make sure to select the size that matches with your stock high beam bulb type. The output will generally be the female version of that same bulb, coupled with a 9006 to plug into your bi-xenon projector solenoid.

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Great fitment


Fitment was perfect and quality felt good. Only with it was marked what was high and low beam. Unfortunately I wasn't to use them, had to go with the H13 realy harness for my M-LED 2.0 install.


Description explains these beautifully!


I use these on almost every set of headlights I retrofit. Great for a vehicle that has an original halogen high beam separate from low beam. Double the high beams with halogen and HID projector.


2013 Camry Splitter, Quad High beams


I used this splitter on my both of my 2013 Camry's and on my 2015 CT200h and got quad high beams. Fantastic product. Plug and play to double your high beam output.

Highly Recommend.


Simple and easy


Just put these into my RSX and it took less than 15 minutes, and that's only because my high beam plugs are a little hard to reach. Both stock halogen and the projector high beam turned right on. Can't wait to see what my night-time visibility will be like now.

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