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H7 HID Adapters: Mazda V1

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Brand: TRS




PART #: 2 x XD.A060

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Mazda owners looking to transition from halogen to HID bulbs could face compatibility issues due to the unique housing clip design in certain models. These adapters are designed to address this, facilitating a hassle-free swap. Before investing in these adapters, it's crucial to inspect the headlights for a distinctive plastic socket behind the bulb. If present, these adapters are necessary, especially since all housings are equipped to handle H7 bulbs. Notably, the adapters have a slotted design, making the wiring process straightforward and ensuring that the original clip assembly retains the bulb firmly, replicating the original setup. However, a key point to remember is the incompatibility of these adapters with Morimoto's larger base design and their XB HID bulbs. If you're considering an HID upgrade that demands these adapters, it's advisable to select a different H7 HID bulb variant that's hard-wired for ease of installation.


  • Mazda-Specific: Adapters designed for specific Mazda models to facilitate HID installation.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection: Check headlights for a unique plastic socket to determine the need for these adapters.
  • Morimoto Incompatibility: The adapters don't work with Morimoto's larger base design or XB HID bulbs.
  • Intuitive Design: The slotted design aids easy wiring and ensures bulb stability with the original clip assembly.
  • Expert-Endorsed: Backed by a decade of industry trust and extensive hands-on testing on various vehicles.


  • ADAPTERS: 2x (One Pair) Mazda V1 H7 HID Adapters

  • Bulbs: Not Included


  • MATERIAL: Hardened plastic



  • VEHICLES: Mazda 3, 5, 6, MX-5, CX-7, RX-8

  • HEADLIGHT TYPE: H7 Halogen Projectors

Mazda Owners: Because of the way the original halogen bulb clips into the housing in some applications, an HID bulb won't be a direct swap without these adapters.

Recommended: Check your headlights for a similar looking plastic part socket behind the bulb to identify whether or not you need these. All housings would take H7 bulbs, the original part extends the +/- connector towards the electrical socket

Take Note: Unfortunately, Morimoto's larger base design does not allow them to work with these adapters without modification. If you're doing an HID upgrade on a euro that requires these adapters, we urge you to pick up a different set of H7 HID bulbs that are hard-wired to make your life a little easier.

By Design: Slotted design allows the wiring for the bulb to slide in from the side, and then original clip assembly will hold bulb firmly in place just like stock.

FITMENT NOTE: These are not compatible with the Morimoto XB HID bulbs, unfortunately.

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Must be modified to run Morimoto HID system.


I had to dremel these like no other to fit the Morimoto HID system I ordered from this site as well. These are NOT bolt on for a 1st gen Mazda 3 (2008 Mazdaspeed 3 in my case). First these have a round hole, and the Morimoto bulbs have an oval shape. Second the bottom has to be completely cut off and discarded. They are pretty cheap, however so it wasn't a big deal. I am a thousand percent satisfied with the Morimoto HID kit, however. No regrets!

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