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H11: Pass-Through Harnesses with Grommet

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x GTR.A016


This product consists of harnesses designed to facilitate easy access to your vehicle's headlight or fog light wiring within the housing. With these harnesses, you can extend these connections outside the housing by passing them through the dust cover. The installation process involves drilling a 7/8" hole in the dust cover, threading the wiring through it, and using the provided rubber grommet to create a waterproof seal. These harnesses are compatible with H8, H9, H11, and H16 style bulbs, and they are similar to the wiring found in HID conversion kits. However, they serve a distinct purpose, allowing you to mount CANBUS modules or PWM modules on the exterior of your headlights. This not only simplifies installation but also helps reduce the heat generated by the bulb and module, ensuring efficient and safe operation.


  • Easy Installation: Simplify headlight and fog light wiring with these harnesses.
  • Waterproof Seal: Rubber grommet ensures a watertight connection.
  • Compatibility: Works with H8, H9, H11, and H16 style bulbs.
  • Heat Reduction: Mount modules outside to reduce heat and prolong bulb life.
  • Efficient Operation: Enhance lighting system performance for safer driving.


  • Harnesses: 2x (One Pair) Pass-Through Harnesses


  • Hole Required: 7/8in / 22mm

These harnesses: are designed to allow you to tap into headlight or fog light wiring inside your housing and extend those connections to the outside of the housing passed through the dust cover. Drill a 7/8" hole in the dust cover, press the wiring through, and use the rubber grommet to seal the hole for a waterproof connection. Compatible with H8, H9, H11 and H16 style bulbs. Similar to the wiring that comes in our HID conversion kits, but specifically a different product designed for a different purpose.

This harness set: was developed to extend the OEM wiring through the dust cover on some vehicles so the installer can mount a CANBUS module or PWM module on the outside of the headlight instead of trying to stuff it inside the headlight. Using this harness reduces heat of the bulb and the module.

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