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Fuse Box Power Supply Harness

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x WP324

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The Fuse Box Power Supply harness is a solution for powering automotive lighting accessories that require 12V power. It addresses the common issue of connecting these accessories directly to the battery terminals, which can lead to constant operation or a drained battery. This harness is designed to OEM specifications, featuring 16AWG wiring with high-quality techflex mesh insulation and a 90-degree fuse tap for reliable power delivery. Its integrated O-ring ensures a moisture-proof seal when inserted into a sealed fuse box, and the harness includes both Micro/Mini fuse holders and a negative ground terminal. Available in two sizes (Miniature fuse or Micro Fuse), it provides a secure and convenient wiring solution for various vehicle setups.


  • Reliable 12V Power: The harness ensures steady power for automotive lighting accessories.
  • High-Quality Build: Made to OEM specs with 16AWG wiring and techflex mesh insulation.
  • Moisture Protection: An integrated O-ring seals out moisture for added durability.
  • Easy Installation: Includes Micro/Mini fuse holders, pre-stripped output lines, and heat shrink.
  • Size Options: Choose from Miniature or Micro Fuse sizes for compatibility.


  • Harness: 1x Fuse Box Power Supply Harness


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Input: Micro or Mini Fuse Tap and ground terminal

  • Termination: Bare Wire

  • Wire Type: 16AWG w/ Woven Nylon Mesh Insulation


  • Input Voltage: 12V Standard

  • INSTALLATIONS: Any requiring a smaller fused power lead!

Power Up! Many automotive lighting accessories require 12V power for operation. The problem is that you can't simply connect most of them directly to the +/- terminals on your battery--since that would either result in lights that are always on, or a drained battery. Until now, no other wiring solution has solved this common issue. The Fuse Box Power Supply harness does, and does so with elegance!

Build Quality: You don't compromise on the lights you choose for your build, so why compromise when it comes to power delivery? No ghetto rigging here! These harnesses are made to OEM specs. They feature 16AWG wiring, that's protected by high quality techflex mesh insulation, a high quality 90 degree fuse tap. All in all, a quality piece at an affordable price!

Fuse Box Seal: Since the input is designed to go inside of a sealed fuse box, the harness has an integrated O-ring to keep moisture out of the box. Rather than crushing the wires between the two halves of the box and jamming it shut, you can drill a hole, insert the flanged O-ring, get the wiring out, without letting moisture in!

Connections: On the input side: Micro/Mini fuse holder, and negative ground terminal. On the output side, positive and negative to power the input wiring on your accessory. The output lines come pre-stripped, and heat shrink is included to complete your perfect install.

Two Sizes: Note that they are available in two different sizes. Miniature fuse or Micro Fuse. Please check your OEM Fuse box for an available fuse position that is powered on with accessory/ignition, and is off when the key is removed. See the diagram included in the images for confirmation on what to order.

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