2020 Toyota 4Runner

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Instant Upgrade: Full Assemblies

If you’re looking for an easy bolt-on upgrade for your 2020 Toyota 4Runner, the following options will provide an instant performance boost, modern style, and an unbeatably bright output.

Easy Install: LED Forward Lighting Systems

Enhance the performance on your 2020 Toyota 4Runner lights with a plug n play LED system that will provide brighter, whiter light with minimal effort!

Expert Install: Projector Retrofits

Maximum output for your 2020 Toyota 4Runner! If you want the brightest beam. The widest beam. The sharpest cutoff, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty with a project, do a retrofit!

Instant Upgrade: LED Bulbs

Upgrade your 2020 Toyota 4Runner turn signals, brake lights, tag lights, marker lights, or interior lighting with modern, bright, and reliable LED bulbs.

Components: HID Parts

TRS carries a wide variety of bulbs, ballasts, and wiring solutions that are directly compatible with your 2020 Toyota 4Runner. Find ‘em here!

All Other Upgrades

Go all out with extra upgrades that will enhance the look and light output on your ride. We’ve got all the goods to set your 2020 Toyota 4Runner vehicle apart.

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