2009 Toyota 4Runner

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Instant Upgrade: Full Assemblies

If you’re looking for an easy bolt-on upgrade for your 2009 Toyota 4Runner, the following options will provide an instant performance boost, modern style, and an unbeatably bright output.

LED: Off-Road

No matter the time of day, you can turn the sun back on by bolting a set of off-road LED lights onto your 2009 Toyota 4Runner. TRS offers the best brands in the business from Morimoto, Baja Designs, Diode Dynamics, Rigid, KC Hi-Lites and more.

Easy Install: LED Forward Lighting Systems

Enhance the performance on your 2009 Toyota 4Runner lights with a plug n play LED system that will provide brighter, whiter light with minimal effort!

Instant Upgrade: LED Bulbs

Upgrade your 2009 Toyota 4Runner turn signals, brake lights, tag lights, marker lights, or interior lighting with modern, bright, and reliable LED bulbs.

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