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Bolt-On Breather Vent

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Brand: TRS




PART #: 2 x WP9


Customizing headlights can be a thrilling project, but moisture issues can dampen the excitement. Enter the bolt-on breather vents, your ultimate solution against moisture. Designed to release trapped moisture while preventing any from entering, these vents are a game-changer. Installation is a breeze: drill a 12mm hole, insert, and secure. Unlike traditional stick-on membranes that can fall off, these bolt-on vents stay put, ensuring no unexpected gaps. They set a new professional standard in headlight moisture management. Given their effectiveness and the peace of mind they offer, they're a priceless addition to any headlight project.


  • Versatile Solution: Ideal for custom headlights, ensuring a moisture-free environment.
  • Effortless Installation: Simple drill, insert, and secure process.
  • Superior to Stick-Ons: Bolt-on design ensures they remain in place, unlike traditional membranes.
  • Professional Choice: The new benchmark for headlight moisture management.
  • Unbeatable Value: Top-tier protection at an affordable price, offering unparalleled peace of mind.


  • Breathers: 2x (One Pair) Bolt-on Moisture Breathers

  • HARDWARE: Silicone o-ring + lock ring


  • Dimensions: 20mm DIA

  • Required Hole: 12mm

  • Material: Plastic


  • HOLE SIZE: 12mm Required

  • RETROFITS: Great to reduce risk of moisture!

Versatile: Building a custom set of headlights, and worried about moisture problems? These bolt-on breather vents are the perfect solution to let moisture exhale from your housings, without letting moisture in.

Simple To Use: Drill a 12mm hole in your housings, insert the front-side of the breather vent in, tighten on the lock nut - and you're ready to roll!

Better: Than the traditional moisture membranes, because they bolt-on rather than just stick on. Therefore, these headlight moisture vents won't ever fall off - and leave you with a big hole in the back of your housing.

Pros: These are the new standard in the most professional way to keep your headlights dry. For the price, the piece of mind is priceless!

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Good stuff


The original headlight housings never had a vent to begin with and sealing it up led to condensation issues; this is no longer the case with these installed! Solved the problem on the cheap too.


Excellent Vents


These are very nicely made vents, a great solution to condensation. They are gasketed and contain a permeable membrane just like oem vents. Many times people think that completely sealing headlights is what they need to do, but in many cases the lights need to "breathe" and to allow interior moisture levels and temp to match exterior levels and temps. These worked very well to eliminate a light haze/condensation issue in my Mercedes headlights. Note that these are not a fix if the headlight is cracked or has a bad seal - these help to replace the function of dirty or clogged oem vents.

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