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B8.5D: Crown Light Bulbs

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Brand: Profile




PART #: 1 x LED1461

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Introducing the cutting-edge Crown B8.5 LED bulbs – a revolution in automotive lighting. With superior performance and style, these bulbs shine brighter than your stock halogen dash bulbs, delivering a whopping 20 Lumens each. Upgrade your driving experience with a handful of Crown B8.5 LEDs for your dashboard – experience the difference. Built for modern demands, these bulbs boast an innovative design. The main body doubles as the base, ensuring perfect contact with factory bulb sockets and eliminating common issues like bent wires. Crafted for durability, the composite base guarantees a lasting, crack-free performance. The Crown B8.5's industrial appeal lies in its simplicity. The naked LED chip is showcased without unnecessary frills, focusing on the real deal – performance and reliability. CanBus friendly and hassle-free, these bulbs require no extra resistors or modules. Elevate your vehicle's illumination with Crown B8.5 LEDs today – lighting the path to a brighter, more confident drive.


  • Superior Performance: Experience a brighter and more efficient lighting solution.
  • Modern Design: The composite base ensures perfect contact and long-lasting durability.
  • Easy Installation: Just Plug n Play – no extra resistors or modules needed.
  • Industrial Appeal: The naked LED chip design focuses on performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With 20 Lumens per bulb, enjoy improved visibility on


  • LED Bulbs: 2x (One Pair) B8.5D Crown LED Bulbs


This Profile product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Profile team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us. Refunds Not Accepted.


  • Intensity: 20lm

  • Power: 0.1w

  • Current: 0.01A @ 12V DC

  • Light Source: 1x 5050 LED 5000K (Cool White)

  • Polarity: Sensitive


  • Cross Compatibility: B8.3D, B8.4D, B8.5D


Profile Performance: It's not like LED bulbs in the automotive world are a new thing, but these guys are coming in hot and packing a serious punch with the new Crown series. Lucky for us they're still offering some value-minded options that won't break the bank, but don't mean much compromise in the performance department too. Though fairly basic, their T3 dash bulbs are are a top seller because they work well, cost next to nothing, and never fail. We love em, and so do our customers!

Multi-Use: 20 lumens might not sound like a lot, but it's far brighter than your stock halogen dash bulbs.The Crown LEDs make for an awesome upgrade in performance and style. If you're looking for something brighter and whiter: then you can pick up a handful of the Crown B8.5 LED bulbs for your dashboard upgrade project and we know you'll be happy with 'em.

Modern: The Crown B8.5 LED bulbs are superior to other options from an installation and compatibility standpoint. The main body of the bulb doubles as the base with a double-wide contact to ensure perfect contact with factory bulb sockets. (no thin wire-based contacts that can easily bend out of the way or even break). The composite base will last forever, won't crack or become brittle over time.

Industrial: No fancy looking housing here! The Crown B8.5 puts everything they've got out in the open. The naked LED chip is directly in view and there are no frills...and why should there be? Once it's installed, the only thing you should care about is their performance & reliability. Profile is all about producing added performance without the extra price, and that shows given how well they work and how inexpensive they are.

CanBus: The Profile Crown LED bulbs are CanBus friendly and shouldn't cause any dashboard errors in most every application. No need for extra resistors or inline modules to resolve that. Just Plug n Play!

By the Numbers: One powerful 3528 cool white LED. 20 lumens per bulb. less than 2 bucks per bulb. All of that should add up to one happy customer!

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