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XKGlow Switchback Modules

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Brand: XK Glow






Boost the performance and versatility of your XKChrome lighting with this innovative module. Not only can you synchronize your underglow lights with your vehicle's turn signals for heightened safety, but you can also transform these lights to a brilliant solid white when connected to various signal sources like headlights or reverse lights. Whether you're reversing or just opening your car door, visibility is enhanced. The built-in 60w power amplifier ensures that even extensive installations run smoothly, drawing minimal power from the XKChrome controller. This module seamlessly marries style with functionality, promising an elevated lighting experience.


  • Turn Signal Integration: Synchronize underglow lights with vehicle turn signals for increased safety.
  • Adaptive White Lighting: Auto-shift to a solid white based on signal sources like headlights or reverse lights.
  • 60w Power Amplifier: Supports extensive installations, optimizing power from the XKChrome controller.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Improve road safety, especially during reversing or door openings.
  • High Versatility: Designed for diverse applications, maximizing XKChrome lighting functionality.


  • Modules: 2x (One Pair) Amplified Switchback Modules


This product is covered by a 3 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Input Voltage: 12V DC

  • Power: 60w Maximum


  • XK-TURN-MOD-2: Switchback Modules: XKGlow w/ Amplifier (Pair)


Turn Signal: When the yellow sensor wire is activated by turn signal, the lights connected to the module will blink with turn signals, with or without the accent lighting being turned on.

White Light: Similar as yellow wire, when the white sensor wire is activated, the connected lights will change to solid white. The white wire can be attached to various signal sources such as headlight, reverse light, or door courtesy light for different purposes.

60w Power Amplifier: Even if the yellow and white wires are not used or activated, the module can serve as power amplifier for the lights connected to it. The lights will get main power from the red & black wires of the module and only draw a small amount of power from XKChrome controller as control signal, which enables larger scale installation that exceeds the 72w output of XKChrome controller.

Overview: Built on the groundbreaking idea to get more functionality out of your XKChrome lighting. This versatile piece of equipment allows your underglow lighting to become an operating turn signal. By connecting straight to your turn signal sensor, it helps increase your visibility on the road and maximizes your safety. Also including the ability to hook up to any reverse, headlight, or courtesy lighting. This allows the underglow to turn white when it senses any of the lighting was a activated. Improving visibility when reversing or providing utility lighting where you decided it's needed.

XKGlow x TRS: Here at The Retrofit Source, we represent the best brands in the automotive lighting business. XKGlow has a reputation for making high-end, high-performance LED accessories for the aftermarket, and we're proud to deliver their product to our customers. If you have any questions on XKGlow LED gear for your car, truck, or motorcycle, contact our customer service team today!

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