Razor LED Light Bars

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Brand: XK Glow




PART #: 1 x XK064010-FS-KIT


Step into the future of vehicular lighting with XKGlow's Razor light bars. This isn't just a light bar; it's a statement of style and functionality. The Razor, with its optional strobe function, prioritizes your safety, especially in work-intensive environments. For those moments when you need crystal-clear vision, a swift switch unveils its unparalleled lighting capabilities. Central to the Razor is a robust high beam, harmoniously complemented by side fog+strobe LEDs, ensuring a versatile lighting experience for every situation. Crafted to perfection and compliant with SAE standards, it's your trusted companion for urban adventures and off-road escapades alike. With XKGlow, every journey becomes a luminous masterpiece.


  • Revolutionary Design A fusion of accent, strobe, and performance lighting.
  • Enhanced Safety Strobe function for maximum visibility during work.
  • User-Friendly Interface Effortless mode switching for varied needs.
  • Industry Compliant Adheres to SAE lighting standards for peace of mind.
  • Signature XKGlow A blend of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic brilliance.


  • Light Bar: 1x XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar (Based on Selection)

  • Optional Switch Panel: 1x XKGlow Switch Panel


This product is covered by a 3 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Power: 24w (Strobe Mode where Applicable), 40w (6in), 80w (10in), 180w (20in)

  • Intensity: 2,800lm (6in), 4,800lm (10in), 10,000lm (20in)


  • XK064010-FS-KIT: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar Kit: 10in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064020-DFS-KIT: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar Kit: 20in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064006-FS-KIT: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar Kit: 6in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064010-D: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 10in / Driving

  • XK064010-FS: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 10in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064020-D: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 20in / Driving

  • XK064020-DFS: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 20in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064006-D: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 6in / Driving

  • XK064006-FS: XKGlow Razor LED Light Bar: 6in / Fog+Strobe

  • XK064-WIRE-2OP: XKGlow Switch Panel: 2-Button (for Fog+Strobe Combo)

  • XK064-WIRE-3OP: XKGlow Switch Panel: 3-Button (for Fog+Strobe Combo)




Multi-Mode Light Bar: Not just a light bar with accent lighting, the XKGlow Razor light bars offer an optional strobe function to help bring safety and security where you're working. Flip the switch, and you'll get proper performance to see what you're doing too!

From XKGlow: Want to enhance your driving high beam and fog light while driving, and increase safety with strobe light while working? This light achieves them all! The middle section is built with 80w 4800lm high beam and the two sides are equiped with fog+strobe LEDs. Flip the light from strobe to fog mode with the ease of one click. The control panel provides three strobe modes (check the video in the listing) selected by quick switching the STROBE button. The last running mode is automatically saved as default. Compared to common "round spot" beam, the 2nd gen Razor Series is design to meet the SAE J581 auxiliary high beam and SAE J583 standard for on-road fog light use (when installed as a pair and aimed in accordance with your state's regulations). The light beam is projected in a wide rectangular pattern with focus in the center, utilizing the automotive grade led light in the most efficient way for both on-road and off-road use. ** The included wiring harness has two outputs and you can select from "Make it a pair" menu to purchase one more light.

XKGlow x TRS: Here at The Retrofit Source, we represent the best brands in the automotive lighting business. XKGlow has a reputation for making high-end, high-performance LED accessories for the aftermarket, and we're proud to deliver their product to our customers. If you have any questions on XKGlow LED gear for your car, truck, or motorcycle, contact our customer service team today!

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