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2Banger Replacement Lens Optics

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Brand: Morimoto


$15.30 Original Price:$18.0015% OFF


PART #: 1 x BAF217


The Morimoto 2Banger Replacement Lens Optics offer a versatile solution for customizing and enhancing the performance of your LED pods. With options including Combo, Spot, Wide, and Flood beams, users can tailor their lighting setup to suit various driving conditions. The Combo beam strikes a balance between width and distance illumination, while the Spot beam provides unparalleled long-range visibility. Meanwhile, the Wide beam offers a combination of width, intensity, and control, ideal for both on and off-road use. Additionally, the Flood beam ensures broad output for situations where focus is less critical. With all-weather compatibility, including a yellow-output version optimized for adverse weather conditions, these lenses enhance visibility in diverse environments.


  • Customizable Options: Replace lenses to adjust beam pattern or color output.
  • Combo Beam: Provides a blend of width and distance illumination for comfortable driving.
  • Spot Beam: Delivers unmatched long-range visibility with a focused hot spot.
  • Wide Beam: Offers optimal off-road fog light functionality with width, intensity, and control.
  • Flood Beam: Emits broad output ideal for situations where focus is less critical.


  • Lens: 1x Morimoto 2Banger Optical Lens (Sold Each)

  • Optional 2Banger Pods: Sold Separately

  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Material: Makrolon LED Polycarbonate

  • Beam Patterns: Wide, Spot, Combo, or Flood

  • Colors: Yellow or White


  • Morimoto: 2Banger Surface, Flush, or Fog Mount

  • Other Pods: Not Compatible


Factory Parts: If you're wanting to change the beam pattern or color on your Morimoto 2Banger LED pods or just want backup lenses for a rainy day, here's your opportunity!

Combo Beam: Illuminates a clear path with medium range. The Combo beam provides a blend of width and distance illumination making every day driving in the middle of nowhere far more comfortable. The hot spot has been perfectly tuned to produce an ideal flood beam. The 2Banger Combo is an excellent aid to any set of high-performance headlights.

Spot Beam: Illuminates far into the distance unlike anything else on the market. The Spot beam features a highly focused hot spot that's surrounded by a tight flood beam, making it the perfect weapon for long range visibility.

Wide Beam: The 2Banger Wide beam delivers the best combination of width, intensity, and control -- making it the most effective on and off-road LED fog light in the world.

Flood Beam: When focus is irrelevant and broad output is more important, enter the 2Banger Flood beam! Designed to diffuse the output of the potent Nichia or Osram chips within, the Flood lens emits a broad (but shallow) range of output.

All Weather: The white-output version is ideal for all-around visibility. For those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog--the Yellow-output version will slay in shady weather.

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