Relay Wire Harnesses

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Brand: Rigid Industries




PART #: 1 x RIG36361


In the intricate dance of automotive illumination, Rigid Industries has emerged as a leader, and their wire harnesses exemplify this legacy. These harnesses are crafted not just as accessory parts but as an extension of Rigid's high-performance light bars. They ensure that power flows uninterrupted, optimizing the brilliance of every light. Crafted for reliability, they are a silent guardian ensuring your vehicle's lights shine bright year after year. Dive into a realm of unmatched lighting efficiency and robustness with Rigid Industries' wire harnesses.


  • Peak Compatibility Tailored for Rigid's premium light bars.
  • Unwavering Power Flow Consistent, uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Durable Design Promises extended reliability and service.
  • Rigid Quality A commitment to unparalleled standards.
  • Boosted Brightness Harnesses enhancing overall lighting output.


  • Harness: 1x Wire Harness


This product is covered by a 2 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Fitment: Universal


  • RIG40190: Harness: E-Series 40-50in / RDS-Series 20-54in

  • RIG40192: Harness: SR-M / SR-Q Back Up Light Kits

  • RIG40193: Harness: SR-Series 20-50in / E-Series 10-30in

  • RIG40194: Harness: E-Series 4-6in / SR-Series 6-10in / Single Pods

  • RIG40195: Harness: D/SR-Q Series Pair w/ 4 LEDs

  • RIG40196: Harness: D/SR-Q Series Pair w/ 6 LEDs

  • RIG40197: Harness: 1m Extension / Low Power

  • RIG40199: Harness: SR-M Pro

  • RIG40200: Harness: Radiance / Radiance Curved / 3 Wire

  • RIG40300: Harness: Radiance Pod / Pod XL / Scene / 3 Wire

  • RIG36360: Harness: 360-Series w/ Backlighting / 3 Wire

  • RIG36361: Harness: 360-Series SAE Fogs / 2 Wire

OVERVIEW: Rigid Industries' wire harnesses are designed to match the performance of your favorite brand's light bars. With Rigid's wire harnesses, power is reliably delivered to your new lights and ensures years of reliable (and bright) service.

Rigid LED Lighting x TRS: Here at TRS, we represent the best brands in automotive lighting. We know more about high performance lighting than any other distributor on the planet because its all we do, all day every day. Rigid Industries is the originator in the off road lighting market and to this day continues to push the envelope with leading edge design, technology, and most of all, light output. To see what products Rigid makes that are a direct fit for your vehicle, use our convenient Buyer's Guide. Otherwise, hit up our dedicated staff of lighting enthusiasts who can help you make the call on what Rigid Industries product is right for you.

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