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NSV On-Board Air Compressor Systems: Toyota Trucks

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Brand: NSV






NSV stands out as a global luminary in the realm of vehicle integration, partnering with eminent brands like GM, FCA, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari, and Toyota. Their expertise is further extended to the automotive aftermarket with their universal accessories. A prime example is the NSV air compressor. With its factory-like fitment, it promises a direct hidden bolt-in installation, adding the luxury of on-board tire inflation. This convenience isn’t just confined to tires; it's adept at inflating items from lake towables to inner tubes. Safety and ease-of-use are at its core. Users can set a desired PSI, initiate the compressor, and it will autonomously cease operation once the target PSI is achieved. Furthermore, its built-in overheating protection guarantees safety, mitigating any risks of fires or damages. If a top-tier, hassle-free on-board air solution is on your checklist, NSV delivers flawlessly.


  • Global Leadership: NSV is renowned for its collaborations with elite vehicle brands, ensuring unparalleled quality.
  • Factory-like Fitment: The air compressor integrates effortlessly, offering a polished and unobtrusive installation.
  • Versatile Use: From tires to lake towables, it's designed to inflate a wide range of items.
  • Intuitive Design: Set the desired PSI, activate the compressor, and rely on its auto-stop feature for precision.
  • Safety First: With built-in overheating protection, it promises a safe operation free from potential hazards.


  • Compressor: 1x NSV On Board Air Compressor

  • Hardware: Mounting Bracket, Hardware, Air Hose, Storage Bag


This product includes a 1 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Power: 180W

  • Input Voltage: 12V Standard

  • Wiring: 12AWG Minimum

  • Working Pressure: 40psi / 2.7bar


  • Toyota Tundra CrewMax: 2014-2021

  • Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: 2015-2021

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser: 2007-2016




NSV: Is a global leader in vehicle integration, supplying parts to the world's leading brands such as GM, FCA, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari, and Toyota. But they've also made some of those products available as universal accessories for the automotive aftermarket, such is the case here.

Factory-like Fitment and Ease of Use: Direct hidden bolt-in installation of the NSV air compressor offers convenience of tire inflation on-board, as well as inflating other things such as lake towables, inner tubes, etc. Safe design allows setting output PSI and hit the start button, the compressor will shut off when ideal PSI is reached. Additional protection from overheating ensures no fire or damage hazards. Looking for a convenient on-board air solution? NSV makes it clean and easy.

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