Universal 5.75" Round LED Headlights

JW Speaker Model 8630


PART #: 1 x 3157751

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Designed for OEMs and aftermarket customers alike, the Model 8630 Evolution offers an upgraded replacement solution for 5.75in (PAR46) sealed beam headlights.

Using high-quality LEDs to provide superior output levels, the Model 8630 Evolution delivers improved performance over our original Model 8630 LED headlight. This unique-looking headlight features high and low beam, as well as a daytime running light (DRL) & front position (FP) functions.

Features: Combined high and low beam functions, Newer design boasts a 50% increase in high beam intensity, Easy plug and play installation with Delphi wire connector, Front position and DRL functions utilize a new outer ring at high intensities, ECE versions (not for use in the U.S.) feature DRL & FP functions.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • HEADLIGHT: 1x JW Speaker 8630 Evo LED

  • OPTIONAL MOUNTING RING: 1x JW Speaker PN 8200001

  • WARRANTY: 5 Years

  • OTHER: Instruction Card + JW Speaker Sticker

  • Compatibility

  • 3157751: JW Speaker: 8630 LED Headlight PAR46 Ring (SET)

  • 550921: JW Speaker: 8630-EV 12/24V Highbeam /Lowbeam DOT

  • 549921: JW Speaker: 8630-EV 12/24V LHT DRL Front-Position ECE HdLamp

  • Tech Specs

  • Height: 142.24 mm / 5.6 in

  • Width: 142.24 mm / 5.6 in

  • Depth: 86.36 mm / 3.4 in

  • Shape: Round

  • Outer Lens Material: Polycarbonate

  • Outer Lens Color: Clear

  • Housing Material: Die Cast Aluminum

  • Housing Color: Black

  • Bezel Color: Black

  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -34 degC / -29.2 degF

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 49 degC / 120.2 degF

  • Connector or Wiring: Integral Connector in Housing simulating Delphi 12124107

  • Mating Connector: Delphi 12052848

  • Product Weight: 1.86 lbs / 0.84 kgs

  • Shipping Weight: 1.80 lbs / 0.82 kgs

  • Input Voltage: 12-24V DC

  • Operating Voltage: 10-32V DC

  • Transient Spike Protection: 150V Peak @ 1 HZ-100 Pul

  • Current Draw: 2.20A @ 12V DC (Low Beam)

  • Current Draw: 1.70A @ 14V DC (Low Beam)

  • Current Draw: 1.10A @ 24V DC (Low Beam)

  • Current Draw: 3.50A @ 12V DC (High Beam)

  • Current Draw: 2.70A @ 14V DC (High Beam)

  • Current Draw: 1.70A @ 24V DC (High Beam)

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