7x5" Oval Work Light

JW Speaker Model 715


PART #: 1 x 1801791

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The Model 7150 is one of our brightest and toughest LED construction work lights. It features a rugged yet lightweight single-piece aluminum housing that's not only highly durable, but also corrosion resistant. The Model 7150 is designed with stable harness connections to endure harsh applications, withstanding high pressure washing and steam cleaning. It is an excellent choice for applications such as mining and construction where a high degree of visibility and durability is required.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Housing: 1x Model 715 LED Work Light

  • Part Numbers: 1801791, 1801581, 1801621, 1801781, 1801571

  • Warranty:5 Years (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • 1801791: JW Speaker: 7150F-12/24V - Flood Beam

  • 1801581: JW Speaker: 7150F-12/24V PC Flood Beam w/12" wires

  • 1801621: JW Speaker: 7150S-12/24V PC Spot Beam w/12" wires

  • 1801781: JW Speaker: 7150T-12/24V - Trapezoid Beam

  • 1801571: JW Speaker: 7150T-12/24V PC Trapezoid Beam w/12" wires

  • Tech Specs

  • Current: 5.5A @ 12V DC

  • Input Voltage: 12-24V DC

  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum (Body), Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • Dimensions: 6.14n H, 6.79in W, 3.04in D

  • Pinout: Black - Ground, Red - Power

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