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HID Kit DRL Wire Harness Kit


PART #: 2 x XD.H060, 2 x XD.H010

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HID Kit DRL (Daytime Running Light) Headlight Harness: Sealed relays, sealed fuses, copper connectors - buy the best HID kit headlight harness for your vehicles. If you're planning on installing an HID kit in a bulb that is also used as a DRL (Daytime running light) you're going to need this harness. Daytime running lights operate at pulsing or reduced voltage to allow a halogen bulb to dim in daytime running light mode. HID ballasts need a stable 12V, and will cause the HID bulb to flicker like crazy if you try to use them as a daytime running light.

Battery Direct: XenonDepot's DRL HID kit relay harness will power the ballasts directly from the battery to ensure a stable 12V, and use your vehicle's stock headlight harness to trigger the relay in our harness on or off. This allows you to turn your headlights on/off just like stock, but ensures your HID ballasts get a stable 12V even in DRL mode with no flicker!

Two-Pack: Unlike lower priced alternatives, you'll actually get 2 relay harnesses with each purchase: one complete harness per side. We believe that when using a relay harness, each ballast/bulb should have it's own independent fused relay harness to ensure both your headlights don't go out if something fails. That aside, we also provide you with TRULY sealed relays, fuse holders, and tinned copper connections to ensure this harness meets tough automotive uses.

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  • Compatibility

  • FITMENT: Universal

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  • Weatherproof: Sealed Relays, Sealed Fuseholders, and Copper Connectors

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