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921/T15: Crown 2.0 Light Bulbs

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Brand: Profile




PART #: 2 x LED1060

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Introducing the Crown 921 2.0 LED Bulbs: Revolutionize your driving experience with unparalleled brightness and performance. Designed to outshine conventional halogen bulbs, the Crown 921 2.0 series is your gateway to enhanced visibility and style. With 10 cutting-edge CREE LEDs per bulb, these powerhouses emit an astonishing amount of light, all channeled efficiently by a precision-engineered aluminum heat-sink. Backed by industry experts, Profile has crafted these bulbs to deliver not just light, but a statement. Illuminate your reverse with confidence, as the Crown 921 2.0's unyielding brilliance ensures you never miss a detail. Their reliability is unmatched, with a lifespan that thrives even under intense usage. Offering 500 Lumens of theoretical output and a measured 340 Lumens projected in a full 360 degrees, these bulbs maximize their impact by utilizing every inch of your reverse light reflectors. Upgrade to the Crown 921 2.0 LED Bulbs and embrace a new era of driving visibility, performance, and safety.


  • Brighter Visibility: Crown 921 2.0 LEDs outshine halogen bulbs.
  • 10 CREE LEDs: Powerful and efficient light emission.
  • Efficient Cooling: Integrated aluminum heat-sink maintains performance.
  • Durable Lifespan: Longevity even in demanding conditions.
  • Maximized Impact: 500 Lumens projected in 360 degrees for ultimate visibility.


  • LED Bulbs: 2x (One Pair) 921/T15 Crown 2.0 LED Bulbs


This Profile product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Profile team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Intensity: 800lm

  • Power: 10w

  • Input Voltage: 9-30V DC

  • Polarity: Non-Sensitive


  • Cross Compatibility: 921, 904, 904NA, 906, 906NA, 912, 916, 916NA, 917


Profile Performance: It's not like LED bulbs in the automotive world are a new thing, but these guys are coming in hot and packing a serious punch with the new Crown series. While the rest of the industry is busy standing still with the same-old same-old; Profile is working hand-in-hand with the industry's experts to deliver the performance that we all expect. Not only do the Crown 921 2.0's look awesome, they work even better, and thats why [compared to allllllll the other choices out there] they deserve the slot in our catalog and the space on our shelves.

Back that thing up: With way intensity than the original halogen bulbs, the Crown 921 2.0 LED bulbs make for an awesome upgrade in performance and style. If you can't stand not being able to see shit when putting your car in reverse, the Crown 921 2.0's are going to be your savior, because they are ungodly bright. We would go as far as saying that compared to any other LED bulb upgrade we offer; the Crown 921 2.0 provides the most noticeable difference in the performance department...and we're pretty sure you'll agree too.

Powerful: There are 10 CREE LED's mounted to each 921 2.0 bulb that are kept cool by an integrated machined aluminum heat-sink, which is a good thing because these suckers are driven by a whopping amount of power.

Reliability: With all this power in a tiny bulb, you'd think lifespan would be a concern, but really --unless you spend hours on end driving in reverse, there's not much to worry about here. We stock, sell, and service a huge variety of LED bulbs and rarely (if ever) see problems with 921/T15 LED reverse bulbs due to the fact that they simply don't get used in any gear but reverse. Makes sense.

By the Numbers: 500 lumens of theoretical output, measured output of 340 real lumens projected in a full 360 degrees to make sure the full surface of your reverse light reflectors is taken advantage of. No point in making a ton of light if it's not being picked up by the reflectors that are responsible for distributing it on the ground!

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Light output was impressive


I bought a pair of these and a pair of the Morimoto XBs to see which one I liked better in her RAV4. Although not as many lumens, the Morimoto came out on top for install. I did however still have a use for these. I have had a WRX for years and never upgraded from the stock halogen reverse bulbs. Not to mention I have 5% tint and smoked tint over the reverse lights. I was very impressed to see the difference and can’t wait to see how they perform when backing up at night.


Insane improvement

by -

The 921 platform isn’t the best type of bulb for brightness, but it’s what Hyundai uses for reverse in the Ioniq, and it honestly sucked. Simply a glorified peanut bulb. TRS managed to pack a lot of power in a slightly-larger-than-stock-but-still-fits-just-right 921 bulb. I no longer have issues seeing where I’m reversing to at night (which is great, because the C pillars and slanted roofline makes visibility tricky out the back window). I’ve purchased from TRS before, and I am happy to report that I’m still a happy customer!


Did someone turn the sun on?


Like the other reviews say, wow these things are bright. And that is exactly what a good pair of reverse lights should be. I have tinted windows and I had to put my windows down to be able to see back but with these lights there is no need. At $40 they are a bit pricey but once you install them you’ll under why. Worth every penny.


"you in reverse ???"


that's what people ask me when my cargo lights turn on and boy do they light up the bed!!


921/T15 Profile Peak 2.0 in 2018 Ram 1500 Reverse Lights


What an improvement over incandescent bulbs. They are bright and noticeable. Clarity when using the backup camera is improved.




These Profile Peak 2.0's are amazing, I now have a clear view on my backup camera instead of dark and fuzzy from the factory low light.

Highly Recommend!




Got a set of these for the reverse lights in our 2016 Corolla. Can't believe how much light these put out.


bright light, bright light


these are quite literally like night and day ( these being day of course) when compare to the stock halogens. i got dark windows so three help heaps and the rear camera, it shows whats behind me at night now. :) just awesome


Great difference!


Huge improvement compared to oem bulbs. They give a lot more light. Still wish they were brighter but at this point I believe it's the backup light housing that may be limiting how efficient these can be.

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