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1990-2000 Nissan 300ZX LED Brake and Parking Tail Light Bulbs


PART #: 4 x GTR.LED571, 6 x GTR.LED314

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Fitted and Kitted: This kit includes all 10 bulbs you need to upgrade your rear side markers, parking lights, and brake lights. Our testing concludes GTR Lighting bulbs are the best LED bulbs for upgrading the rear parking lights and brake lights in the taillights of your Z32. The parking light bulbs are high quality, easy to install, and significantly brighter than your old bulbs. The brake light bulbs are upgraded with GTR Lighting Carbide LED bulbs that do not require resistors as so many other bulbs do. One thing to keep in mind is no matter what brand of LED bulbs you install, the red brake light indicator on your dash will illuminate when you have your parking lights / headlights on, or when you hit the brakes. This bulb already turns on when you hit the brakes with your stock bulbs, but it also stays on with any LED bulbs when you have your parking light or headlights turned on. This is normal, and the only way to disable the ‘brake light on' indicator in your gauge cluster is to remove the bulb entirely, and we do not recommend doing that. To install the new LED bulbs, remove the plastic push pins and covers in the trunk area to access the backside of the taillights. Remove the old bulbs and install the new LED bulbs in their place.

The Carbide Series LED replacement bulbs from GTR Lighting: were originally designed to be the brightest option in the world and today with the version 2.0 they're even brighter! Because these bulbs are the brightest option available today you will experience greater safety from a brighter light, better performance through built-in CANBUS integration, and better style with the beautiful colors created by the custom built LED chips!

Not just the brightest: but also the easiest! In the past you had to wire in resistors to your turn signal bulb circuits in order to trick the computer into thinking that your LED bulbs were the same thing as your old dim bulbs. Not anymore! The new Carbide Series 2.0 bulbs have a built-in CANBUS-integration circuit that works with 95% of all cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the road today! Gone are the days of wiring in resistors, or replacing flasher modules. These new LED bulbs are truly plug and play, and one of the brightest and most reliable options around.

ITCS - Intelligent Temperature Control System: The Carbide Series 2.0 CANBUS LED bulbs have a unique physical design as well as a temperature controlled thermister circuit to protect the bulbs from overheating. The aluminum case of the bulbs is larger than others in order to accommodate the extra heat given off by these bulbs. There are strategically placed vents and heat sink fins at the top of every bulb to maximize passive cooling.

NOTES: Please take these things in consideration before using these next-gen LED bulb upgrades: Some vehicle still need to use a traditional type of LED bulb and a resistor for turn signal applications - there are thousands of different applications and the technology does not exist yet to make a product that works for every single vehicle on the road.

For example,: these vehicles do not work without resistors, they still require the traditional type of LED bulbs, like Armor Series, paired with a resistor for turn signal applications: 2012-2017 Toyota Camry, 2015 Dodge Ram, 2018-2019 Subaru Crosstrek.

The following vehicles: work without resistors when using the Carbide Series 2.0 LED bulbs. These are confirmed to work without resistors for turn signals, no rapid flashing problems, no hyper flash, and no bulb out errors: 2018 Dodge Durango, 2019 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 Toyota 4Runner, 2019 Ram 1500.

These bulbs: are polarity specific. If they do not turn on, please try flipping it around in the socket and try again. If the bulbs stop working it means they got too hot and the protection circuit shut down. Please try to cool them down for 2 minutes and try again to troubleshoot the problem. These bulbs have a 1-year No Questions Asked warranty.

Constant Current Driver: The Carbide Series 2.0 LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are built using a state of the art Constant Current Driver inside the bulb with built-in CANBUS function for most monitoring systems. This allows them to be more reliable when used on vehicles that have voltage fluctuations due to electrical system design or fault. A constant current driver is a device that takes any incoming voltage and smooths it out, regulates it, so a steady stream of voltage/current reaches the LED. This helps the LED bulb last longer than bulbs that don't have this device built in. 2,400 raw lumen light output per pair of bulbs making these bulbs the brightest option in the world!

Features: maximum CANBUS support - simulation of the full load 24W bulbs commonly found in turn signals. No errors in cars or trucks 95% of the time.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Brake Light Bulbs: 4x (Two Pairs) GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 LED Bulbs

  • Parking Light Bulbs: 6x (Three Pairs) GTR Lighting T10 LED Bulbs

  • Warranty:2 Years (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • Nissan 300ZX: 1990-2000 Model Years

  • Tech Specs

  • Intensity: 1,200lm (Raw; Each)

  • Power: 12w

  • Input Voltage: 9-24V DC

  • Current: 0.98A @ 12V DC

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum

  • Light Source: 15x CSP 1919 6000K

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