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Running upgraded headlights on stock wiring is like running a sports car on 13-inch tires or sticking a 4-banger under the hood of your full-size pickup truck. It just doesn’t make sense. Even if you can get it to work, you’re hampering your system and reducing the performance, effectiveness and reliability of your automotive lighting upgrade. When you find the perfect HID headlight system for your truck, car or SUV, be sure to select the right HID relay harness and wiring to go with it. You’ll get the best lighting performance and years of reliability and be fully satisfied with your upgrade.


Getting the right voltage into your HID headlights is the key to bright lights that don’t flicker. Flickering lights are tiring for you and oncoming traffic and can distract you from what lays ahead on the road. Flickering lights can also be a warning sign that your headlights will fail, which can cause major problems if you’re driving at night. Ensure that the right voltage is being supplied to your high-performance HID headlight system and enjoy years of reliable service with one of our top-quality headlight relay and wiring kits designed specifically with your headlight system in mind.


You don't need to be an aftermarket automotive lighting expert to shop at The Retrofit Source — because we are! Our team is staffed with guys and gals who spend their spare time upgrading their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs with products from our catalog. We've learned that trying to save a few bucks by trying to reuse a stock wiring harness and relay causes major headaches and can mean that your new HID headlights won't work at all. Benefit from our experience and knowledge and purchase the headlight kit AND wiring harness that goes with it for fast and easy install and the best possible lighting performance and durability.


If you’re new to TRS, you might not know about our reputation as a leader in aftermarket lighting. Ask around you — we’re sure that many of your gearhead friends HAVE heard of us. You can also check out testimonials from our satisfied customers on our Facebook page or sites like Yelp and Google. We’re confident that you’ll find positive reviews of our products and service and quickly understand that we’re your best choice as a supplier for all of your automotive headlight upgrade needs.


The best headlight relay harness isn’t useful if you can’t afford it. That’s why, at TRS, we offer competitive pricing even on top-quality products. Browse our catalog and locate the relay harness and wiring that suits your headlight upgrade kit AND make and model of vehicle. We can answer any questions you might have and explain the importance of choosing the right headlight relay kit, so contact us today. Our prices even include free shipping, so the price you see is the price you’ll pay at checkout. Get expert products and service from TRS, your best source for HID lighting systems and all the wiring that goes with it!