Factory Headlight Lens Swap

Nissan 370Z: Replacement Lenses


PART #: 1 x LF474-LNS

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Step One: Go out to your garage..open your eyes, and look at the faded headlight lenses on your 370Z. This is not an uncommon site thanks to the way those headlights were designed. OEM Nissan/Infiniti headlights don't have a great reputation for longevity to begin with, and the fact that the lenses on the 370z headlights face the sun really don't help.

Step Two: Go to eBay.look for a set of used OEM headlights in good used condition. Non-existent, or priced way out of reach. Solution: Order up a set of fresh Morimoto lenses to refurbish your headlights at home!

Designed: Originally for the complete XB LED headlight assemblies from Morimoto, but using them for refurb is not a hack. Morimoto had the foresight to design all of the clips and mounting points on the new lenses identically to the OEM so that they could do double-duty here too. Nailed it!

Game on: If you have ever opened up a set of headlights to customize the internals, then swapping out the OEM lenses on your 370z housings wont be too much of a challenge. They are sealed with soft butyl rubber that softens easily when heated, so can be pried apart and resealed with relative ease compared to a lot of other modern 'permaseal' headlights.

Recommended: To do the job right, you will want to order a roll of the Morimoto RetroRubber sealant, which will help ensure that the outer seal is re-built properly. Nothing worse than moisture inside of your freshly rebuilt headlights!

Upgrades! Did you know that as HID bulbs age, they naturally lose intensity over time? If the bulbs in your headlights are still from the factory, the chances are good they are only about half as bright now as they were when new. If you want to up the performance ante even further, install a set of STi-R clear lenses. Finish the whole thing off with a set of the Profile Pivot switchback or Prism RGB halos and smoke rings and your headlights will look better than new!

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Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Lenses: 2x (One Pair) 09-20 370Z Headlight Lenses (Note: Complete Headlights NOT INCLUDED. This is new lenses only.)

  • Optional Accessories: Sealant, D2S HID Bulbs, Clear Projector Lens Upgrade, LED Halos, and Halo SmokeRings

  • Warranty: N/A

  • Compatibility

  • Nissan 370Z: 2009-2020

  • Fits Nissan Headlight Part #: 26026-1EA0C, 26026-1EA0A, 26026-1EA0B, 26076-1EA0C, 26076-1EA0A, 26076-1EA0B

  • Tech Specs

  • Material: UV-Resistant Polycarbonate

  • Clip Position: Matches OEM

  • Screw Positions: Matches OEM

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