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T10/194: GTR Lighting Twist Style LED Bulbs


PART #: 2 x GTR.LED460

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Product Details

GTR Lighting T10/194/168 Twist Style LED Bulbs, White These LED bulbs will replace any T10 or 194 style bulb. The bulbs used in these new LEDs is REVOLUTIONARY! No LED technology has ever existed like this, and now you can have it! The package has 2 LED bulbs and they each feature 6 LED chips each. 5 of the LEDs are on the flat surface of the bulb that point in one direction, and 1 of the LEDs is on the top to act as a forward-facing light source. These LED bulbs are designed to TWIST to FOCUS the light output!

180 Degree Pointing Output: These LED bulbs will replace any T10, T15, 920, 921, 194, 168 bulb. The bulbs used in these new LEDs is REVOLUTIONARY! These GTR Lighting LED lights are the perfect upgrade for interior lights where you need the light POINTED in a specific direction. Get rid of your factory incandescent lights that give your car a yellow glow, and use these LEDs for a crisp white light! Available in White.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x (One Pair)

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

  • Compatibility

  • RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: Reverse / Back Up Lights, Cargo Lights, Interior Lighting

  • Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: Overall Length 1.01in, Width 0.46in

  • Wattage: 0.822

  • Amp Draw: 0.06mA @14VDC

  • Color: 5500k

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