Strips: ACME Super Flex (Switchback)

Product Details

ACME: Picked up the call from consumers who want a product that meets their expectations but aren't ready to break the bank. Their entry-level gear is the new industry standard that delivers real performance at the right price.

Versions: Available either in white, amber, or with switchback LED chips. The popular switchback model is are designed to run white full time, and has an integrated amber switchback function. They will automatically kick back to white when the 12V signal to the amber input stops.

Don't be Fooled: Typically SMD-based LED strips are a bit spotty due to the spacing on the LEDs..but ACME's clever external driver design allows the LED's to be mounted with zero gap between them. When lit, they will create a singular, smooth, and seamless band of bright light!

Construction: 3528 SMD LED chips are soldered to a flexible but stable circuit board, making them easy to install across the geometry in almost any automotive headlight.

Wiring Ready: With over 3 feet of input wiring and their inline voltage regulators / switchback controller, the ACME Super Flex strips are very easy to wire into your vehicle's electrical system. Just apply 12V +/- and you're good to go! The amber color triggers from a turn signal lead.

Sizing: ACME does not recommend cutting the strips because the remaining LEDs would then be over-powered by the power driver. Luckily, they are offered in four lengths to fit most every purpose (3", 6", 12", or 16")

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Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • LED STRIPS: 2x ACME Super Flex

  • LED DRIVERS: 2x ACME Inline Regulators


  • Compatibility

  • RETROFITS: Any straight surfaces within size range

  • FACTORY HEADLIGHTS: Any straight surfaces within size range

  • OTHER USES: Not to be used external of a sealed housing

  • NOTE: Does not flex laterally

  • Length: Should not be modified/cut

  • Tech Specs

  • COLOR LIT: 5000K (white mode)


  • WIRING: Bare Wire (+, turn, and -)

  • WIDTH: 4mm

  • THICKNESS: 3mm

In Action

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Awesome LED Strips!

Darrin Cheraso Reviewed: 04.28.2017

I bought these switchback LED strips to put inside the headlight assemblies on my 2007 Ford F-150 to use as DRLs. They are bright so you can definitely see them even in bright, direct sunlight! Everywhere I go, people ask me "Where did you get those lights?" I get a LOT of compliments on them. I definitely wanted a quality product because it's not fun baking your headlights in the oven to change them out. I've had these installed for several months and they work perfectly! Don't mess with that cheap stuff on those "auction sites," get a quality set! These are great!

5 out of 5 stars

Super bright

Jeremiah Williamson Reviewed: 04.09.2017

These strips are so bright the will make you see black strips for a few seconds! Even in the daytime! They might be a little high priced,but worth every penny! They are very delicate though. But be careful & you won't regret!

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