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RGB & Switchback: Rock Lights and Wheel Rings

ATV, four-wheeler, and SUV owners are always keen to make their vehicles look stunning and interesting, and rightly so. The sprawling frame and high-ground clearance of these vehicles command better display and brandishing. Rock lights and wheel rings come in really handy in this regard. Before we start discussing rock lights and wheel rings for ATVs and trucks, it is really important to spell out the difference between them because many car owners confuse the two.

Why and How to Pick Rock Lights for Trucks and ATVs?

For Better Off-Road Visibility. As mentioned earlier, there is one basic reason to have rock light installed on your four-wheelers, i.e. to improve the visibility of the terrain close to the vehicle. No matter how strapping and hardwearing your vehicle is, it can’t overcome all the obstacles posed by nature. Some rock formations are nearly impossible to drive on, irrespective of how much horsepower is churned by the engine. Similarly, there are some out-of-nowhere slippery patches where even purpose-built tires lose traction. A good set of rock lights can literally help you in steering clear in all such instances. They can actually help you in making your bumpy off-road endeavors smooth. Put on the Show. A truck with rear and bumper mounted with rock lights puts on a show anywhere. Even if your ATV is standing in the parking lot, with rock lights on, it will look like a contestant of an auto show. Apart from illuminating the vehicle’s underside and immediate surroundings, Rock lights also make the high platform of the vehicle more prominent. An ATV starts looking like a towering version of itself with these lights on. Picking the Right Rock Light for Trucks and ATVs. There is no rocket science involved in the selection of rock lights. Just consider your utility and pick the model. For example, if you need to use them both as navigation and accent lights, go with RGB rock lights. Monochromatic lights can be used when you want to give one particular look to your four-wheeler. The installation of rock lights has become a piece of cake in the last couple of years. Now, you are available with magnetic mounts that make the installation of rock lights a breeze. Lastly, make sure the panel you are picking is hardwearing and must be weatherproof to negate the rough and tough off-road conditions. The Retrofit Source offers high quality RGB Rock Lights in different colors. We ship 8 pcs, 4 pcs, 2 pcs and single piece RGB lights in diverse colors including red, green, blue and white. We also offer single rock lights in these colors for customers.

Why Get Rock Lights and Wheel Rings

Rock lights and wheel rings have similar construction but offer uniquely different functions. Rock lights, as the name suggests, are used to make out the rocky off-road terrains. They illuminate the near vicinity of the vehicle that proves to be a real deal when you are traversing through unknown and pitch-black off-road tracks. Plus, they also improve on the appearance of the vehicle and make it look cooler. On the other hand, wheel rings are primarily used for visual extravaganza only. When a truck or jeep cruises through highways and off-road tracks with dancing RGB wheel rings, it looks as if the fictional world of Blade Runner has unfolded in front of them. You will find many rock lights for trucks and ATVs that have the same circular shape as the wheel ring LEDs. Both of them use RGB lighting for illumination. However, the main difference between the two is their function on a vehicle. Another difference between the two is how they are installed. Rock lights are installed under the rear and bumper of the vehicle. Some rock lights can also be installed within the wheel wells. Meanwhile, RGD wheel ring LED panels are always installed around the brake rotor of the wheel.

Why and How to Pick Wheel Rings for Trucks and ATVs?

So, why should wheel ring lights go on your ATV’s tires? For one simple reason: they make your ride look unique. High-quality RGB wheel rings make sure your ride doesn’t go unnoticed in the central and peripheral vision of other drivers. Like rock lights, LED wheel rings also complement the rambling appearance of four-wheelers. And if these are not good enough reasons, wheel rings let you tag your vehicles on the trail. You with your fellow off-roaders can tag your vehicles with white, red, blue, green wheel rings to remain aware of each other’s location. This wheel ring tagging can also make your night dirt racings more exciting. You would know how much you have to throttle to catch up the blue rings and if red ones are approaching really fast. Picking Wheel Rings for Truck and ATVs Wheel rings get a lot of brunt off-road. Therefore, don’t compromise on their quality of construction. Using sloppy rings just because they are cheap is not an insightful decision. The hardware of the lights should be made of stainless steel and extruded aluminum and LED panels must be waterproof. Also, pick the intensity/lumen of LEDs carefully. Don’t go with the brightest LEDs if you mostly drive around the city and on highways. Otherwise, go for overkill. You can get products with a whopping 100 LEDs per ring. TRS supplies RGB rings for all wheel sizes including 14”, 15.5” and 17” wheels. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!