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RGB Halo Kits (Vehicle Specific)

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Fitted halo kits are a great way to give your car, truck, or motorcycle a very unique look, not to mention you can select any color of your choice with either a radio frequency RF or bluetooth app controlled XBT controller. Each kit was designed based on the shape and dimensions of your factory headlight shape internally for a compatible and ideal fitment and look. We do also offer universal halos where you must accurately measure where you want to fit the halo or strip, but for most, it's best to just order what we have already confirmed will fit for you without issue. These kits utilize a variety of sizes and shapes of Profile Prism RGB halos, whether in unique shape for your headlight, round halo rings, or semi-circular rings. Regardless of the size, the connectors are all proper JST style connectors that are much stronger than generic four pin RGB style connectors of our competitors. The coating of each halo is a very beautiful gloss hard phosphor which is formed in a proprietary mold for flawless fitment, smoothness, and radius effect of the pure white coating. Hand laid coatings are often inconsistent, thin, and not a smooth effect. The blend used by Profile is by far the best on the market from what we've seen, which is why we've chosen to carry it! Looking for the best fitted halo kit for your car, truck, or motorcycle? You've found the best halo kit possible here at The Retrofit Source.