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RetroQuik or Retro Quick systems are custom tailored kits to fit a high-performance LED projector or high-performance HID projector in to your factory headlights with no cutting required! Whether this is your first projector retrofit or you are a well experienced technician, the ease of these projectors to install is second to none! The benefits of projector retrofits are multi-faceted, such as better performance, absolutely no glare or dazzling for other drivers, and full MOT or inspection compliance. Some of our units meet DOT specs and are DOT approved, and others actually perform too good for the older DOT laws. These RetroQuik plug and play retrofit solutions are optimized for many newer Toyota, Euro, and Domestic vehicles for the most popular applications. Consider our options for the Ford Fusion projector retrofit, which allow for your choice of either Morimoto Mini H1 or Morimoto Mini D2S projectors to fit in place of your factory projector headlights. Other options such as the BMW E46 ZKW retrofit kit was recently revised to no longer use the large Morimoto EvoX-R projector which was based off of the Hella E55 style projector, of which we also have a very clean bolt-in solution to upgrade. Regardless of your vehicle, a simple and easy bolt in solution is available to make a headlight upgrade possible without much issue.