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Retroquick Projector Kits

The retroquick projector kits from Retrofit Source have everything that you need for upgrading your current halogen headlights as well as new, more durable, and professional quality xenon lightning. The xenon kits we offer are called retroquick because they were designed with special adapter plates that perfectly fit on to your car without too much trouble. Installing the plates that come with these xenon kits will be extremely simple and it won’t take a lot of time. Each kit contains several specific components including adapter plates, xenon bulbs, projectors, ballasts, a wiring harness, and mounting hardware. The Retrofit Source store offers 3 years warranty for every retroquick project kit bought from our store. You will also get personal computer support through our technicians for free. We offer an installation guide to help you install the new xenon retroquick kit on your ride.

Benefits of Retroquick Kits For You

Our Retroquick xenon lights offer extremely powerful light output that will completely brighten up your way while driving. They will give your vehicle a strong presence and style at night. The Retroquick projector kits from The Retrofit Source will give you many benefits. Save space and cost. Our retroquick projector kit can easily fit into your vehicle’s headlight bracket. The projector lights are designed to be compact in size and easy to angle after they’ve been fixed into place. We offer lights in different price ranges and you can easily find the right model for your needs within budget. Standard Road Legal. Our xenon projector headlight can create high and low beams that meet the ECE and DOT standards. The high-quality standard ensures that light generated by the projector is reflected uniformly and creates a clear cutoff line on the road ahead. The design and illumination match Road Safety Standards and Rules. Focused Light Beam. The bi xenon projector produces a focused light beam by throwing light on the road with a long-distance coverage. Our retroquick lights ensure that drivers have nice, long-range visibility at night that allows them to drive safely. The bi xenon projector comes with an electromagnetic dimming device. It allows the projector to switch between high and low beam automatically. Our retroquick projector headlights can achieve integration of high beam and low beam, no longer requiring one projector for high beam and a different projector for low beam. Lower Defective Rate. We only stock and supply the highest quality projector kits. Our kits will continue to work under more type of weather conditions, including heavy rain and snowfall without problems. The only time you will have a problem is in case of an accident where a component of the project gets damaged. If the headlight becomes dim or breaks in an accident, fixing it would only require adjusting a ballast or hid bulb.

Essential Features of The Retroquick Kit

Our retroquick kits are based on headlights that we have worked with for years and used in our own vehicles. Rest assured that if you run into trouble with any of the components on our projects kits, we will get them fixed and fit them to your specifications. Bi Xenon Projectors. We offer the best Morimoto bi-xenon projectors that you will find in the market. Most of the modern bi-xenon projectors from Morimoto’s have been popular with users. Their mini D2S 5.0 has been an instant winner since launch and praised for its power and reflection. We have been offering a full range of the Morimoto projectors since way back when the 1.0 came out. The company has become one of the most advanced headlight projector suppliers in the world today. Its current model variations offer revised reflector optics. When paired with their curved cutoff shield, these quickretro projectors produce one of the widest, low beam patterns you will find in the market today. Its high beam will easily go the distance to meet your needs. The Optical clear lenses maximize intensity throughout the projector and allow the cutoff line to be sharp, colorful, and attractive. The new solenoids on the side are more than three times stronger compared to the fussy, old vertically-sprung units. The result is that 100% of the light is projected on the ground. Brackets. The brackets for the Morimoto projector are made with the help of a CNC machine that ensures consistency and precise measurements for every variety of kit. The universally adaptable bracket makes it easy to install and align different projectors with ease, every time. All of our quickretro projectors kits are put together with the comfort and needs of our clients in mind. Our kits will make it easy for you to install them on your own with as little effort as possible. If we didn’t think our quickretro kits are easy to fit, you wouldn’t have seen them in our quickretro section. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Have a wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!