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Looking to Get A High-Quality Projector Shroud?

Unlike most other components of the projectors, such as ballasts, bulbs, and brackets, shrouds are not considered a necessity for the headlights. However, they can play an important role in defining your vehicles headlights. Shrouds, also known as bezels, enhance the sophisticated look of your vehicle’s retrofit from the outside. They provide a covering for the projector and the brackets that are used to mount the lighting projector inside your headlight. If the projector is left bare and exposed, it gives an unnatural and ugly look to the car’s headlights.

Give Your Projectors A Unique Style

Nowadays, you will hardly ever see projector retrofits done with original equipment manufacturer shrouds. There are a variety of reasons for this change in customer preference. First, original shrouds used to be pretty expensive. You may not believe it but a set of original BMW E46 “Xenon” shroud used to cost somewhere north of $200 a set. This was because they were practically the only item one could buy to enhance the look of their projector retrofit while staying true to the model’s design. Things started to change in early 2000s when other manufacturers introduced their own replica shouds. These were similar in design and fitted the E-46 perfectly. As time went on, countless other designs were introduced in the market as well.

The Best Projector Shrouds

The Retrofit Source offers elegant, high-quality projector shrouds that make your built-in or retro fitted headlights absolutely perfect. We understand that no one wants their xenon projector to be visible while driving but still want to allow the full lighting to emit from the headlight. This is why we only stock the best and most efficient shrouds for customers. We offer elegant and stylish projector shrouds from Apollo, Bullet, Gatling, Panamera, and a host of top manufacturers in the market. All of our projector shrouds are made of high-quality materials and include the two-centric rings that are standard in the industry. The smart design ensures that the shroud perfectly fits on your xenon projector with ease.

Important Factors for Choosing Projector Shrouds

Projector shrouds come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit various models of projectors. Some of them have special openings that allow the light to pass through for enhanced lighting. Here are some of the factors that you should take note of when buying a projector shroud. Projector Size. The type of projector you are fitting on your vehicle plays an important role in the selection of the shroud. Some shrouds are designed in a way that they won’t fit on certain projectors no matter how you try to get them trimmed. It is important to consider how compatible your shroud is to the projector if you are planning to cover it up. Make sure to pick a shroud that is big enough to cover the major portion of the projector’s surface and body for the best look. Shape of the Mounting Unit. Carefully examine the shape of your projector’s housing unit to determine if the shroud will fit correctly. Is the mounting unit shaped like a circle, an oval, or a semi-circle? If you can match the outer shape of the shroud with the opening in your headlight, the completed retrofit will make it look like the shroud was meant for your projector. If the reflector ring is a full open circle, a completely round shoud would be perfect. Depth of the Housing. Another important measurement is the depth of the headlight housing unit. If the lenses on your housing are angled backwards, you will probably want to get a deeper shroud that can cover more of the projector’s body. If the headlilght consists of only one flat surface at the front, you will be able to use a shroud that isn’t too deep from front to back. Paint Matching. A good, high-quality projector shroud will be visible so you will probably want to buy a piece that matches the paint on your vehicle. If you can’t find the right color, you could get your shroud painted to match your style. If you are planning to get the shroud painted, then it is better to buy a low-cost shroud and get it painted than buying a premium brand. In general, shrouds can cost anywhere from $20 - $150. Style of Your Projector Shroud. Best quality projector shrouds come in a variety of styles — from minimalist design to sleek and edgy. Which one you should buy depends on whether you want the vehicle to be the center of attention or catch as little attention as possible. Mount for the Shroud. Your projector shroud will have circular mounting flanges on the back end that make it much easier to attach them to the projector’s walls. Most shrouds come with a complete instruction guide on how you can attach it on your own or you can take it to a mechanic to get your shrouds attached. Cost. The last factor to consider is the cost. Even the best quality projector shrouds are still an accessory and not a necessity for you projector, so they shouldn’t be something you should spend a lot of money on, especially if you have a tight budget. They generally start at $20 and you can find a good plasting shroud that is built to last at that price. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Have a wholesale inquiry? Contact us today