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Don't let the generic naming confuse you: many vehicles with existing projectors can benefit from changing the stock projector lens to one that is completely clear, allowing the most light possible to exit the projector and emit a beam pattern on the road, often times without any modifications at all! The factory projector lens is similar to a golf ball surface in some applications, of which we call dimples, which is intentionally designed to reduce the amount of light exiting a projector as it may exceed DOT approval. In other applications, the lens may be frosted or even tinted to reduce output and blur the crisp cutoff line of the light emitting the projector against a wall. Have you noticed this line? It is something many professionals strive for as being as crisp and colorful as possible, because when other vehicles see it, it is a very pretty rainbow or dazzling effect. I myself notice this is very prominent and unique on the BMW i3 bi-led projector headlights, which make it look a very sexy purple cutoff. We offer a few models of clear lens replacements because not all are the same size or shape, but you should be careful to measure the diameter and thickness of your factory lens and compare it to our variety of projector clear lens upgrades to ensure it will be a direct fit in the factory hid, led, or halogen projector lens. Our lens etching service is the first of its kind, we are the original and best place for lens etching because of how much we do, how well we know what it does to a projector, and we will not be underpriced by anyone! We offer patterned designs like honeycomb, snake skin or snakeskin, or even match the factory grille design of your vehicle to continue the same pattern. Honeycomb lens etching service started right here at TRS and because of this, we do thousands of lenses a year with the popular honeycomb pattern made popular originally by Subaru's BRZ STi concept if you remember those lights. Another popular option is the lens etching of a special logo, which started originally with the Mercedes-Benz Maybach logo headlight lenses. Later, the Lincoln MKZ had the lincoln logo etched in it in a 3d pattern which was very unusual but also very pretty and unique. Add the logo of your choice, your car, your band, or your sports team to your headlights with our custom etching service. It is no longer done by laser etched lenses, but instead we use a proprietary process that provides a very crisp finished edge of the pattern. Not every design can be etched easily in the projector lens, but we are glad to discuss further about your design and see if we can produce something to match it. If you think about it, the area of a projector lens etching must be very small, and simple designs often work best for this. Contact TRS today for the world's best projector lens etching.