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High-Quality Lenses & Etching Service

Clear Lenses and Etching Service Will Enhance the Efficiency of Your Projector Lights and Allow You to See Further with Ease. Don't let the generic naming confuse you. A large number of vehicles with existing projectors can benefit from replacing the stock projector lens with one that is completely clear and offers better visibility. A higher-quality clear lens allows more projector light to pass through and emit a beam pattern on the road, oftentimes without any modifications at all. Not only does this improve short-range visibility, but it also enhances the light projection, allowing you to see farther away.

Why Get a Retro Projector Lens

The factory projector lens that comes fitted on your vehicle is similar to a golf ball surface in some applications. It has thousands of small dimples that bend and refract light. The lens is intentionally designed in this way to reduce the amount of light that exits the projector, as it may exceed dot approval. In some cases, the lens may have been frosted or even tinted slightly to reduce the rays of light that pass through. It prevents straight burst output and blurs the crisp cutoff line of the light that emits from the projector against a wall. The lenses available in the market are designed to offer a much better output of light from your projector to the front. Many professionals strive to create lenses that bend light and make it as crisp and colorful as possible.

Our Excellent Clear Lenses

The Retrofit Source offers a variety of clear headlight lens models from recognized brands. Our projector lenses offer much greater clarity and will be excellent for your vehicle as a replacement. We stock a comprehensive set of headlight and projector lenses with the diverse range going up from 2.5” to 3” in diameter. The lenses come in different designs including patterned styles, frosted and tinted. All the lenses are created from high-quality material and the highest grade of optical glass. The lenses have been checked for performance and efficiency. We also offer lens etching service for your new or existing lens. Etching is a great way to improve the efficiency of your projector and enhance performance. It also gives your vehicle improved looks and makes it stand apart from other cars.

Choosing the Right Lens and Etching For Your Vehicle

Not all projector lenses for vehicles are designed and created in the same way. They differ in shapes, sizes, thickness, and material quality. When buying a new lens for your vehicle, you should be careful to measure the diameter and thickness of your factory lens and compare it to the variety of lenses that are available in the market. This will save you from frustration when you are trying to put the lens on. Our large variety of projector clear lens upgrades ensures that you will always have an option that can be directly fitted to replace the factor lens that came with your vehicle. We offer headlight lenses for HID, LED, and Halogen projectors. Our lens etching service is highly professional and run by experts. We are the original pioneers in etching and the best place for lens etching in Atlanta. This is because we go the extra mile for clients and fully understand how etching affects the performance of the projector.

Best Lens Etching Service in Atlanta

We offer a market competitive rate for lens etching service and you will be hard-pressed to find a better price than ours! We offer patterned designs, like honeycomb and snakeskin. We can even match the factory grille design that comes with your vehicle if you want to continue the same pattern. Honeycomb lens etching service started right here at TRS; because of this, we do thousands of lenses a year with the popular honeycomb pattern. The design style was originally made popular by Subaru’s concept. Another popular option is the lens etching of a special logo. This originally started with the logo that is projected from the headlight lenses of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach. Later, the Lincoln MKZ’ had the Lincoln logo projected from its headlights in a 3D pattern; this was very unusual but also very beautiful and unique. You can add the logo of your choice to your car. You can add the name of your favorite band or sports team to your headlights with our custom etching service. Our lens etching service is no longer carried out through lasers. We use a proprietary process that provides a very crisp finished edge of the pattern. It may not be possible to etch every type of design into the projector lens but we would be happy to discuss if your design can be etched on your projector. When you are looking to get a design etched, think about the area of the projector lens which is generally very small. Only simple designs work best for this. Contact TRS today for the world's best projector lens etching and clear lens replacement. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Have a wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!