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Halos: Profile Prism (RGB)

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Brand: Profile




PART #: 2 x LED92

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Profile Prism LED Halos are the ideal choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking top-tier LED lighting solutions. These halos stand out in the aftermarket industry for their exceptional performance and versatility. Offering a wide spectrum of colors, including a clear, neutral white, amber, and various vibrant hues, they guarantee an immersive lighting experience. What sets them apart is their uniform and bright light output, thanks to an advanced blend of phosphorous silicone. Installation is hassle-free, thanks to integrated micro-mounts, eliminating messy glues or visible wires. With a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours and reliable Hybrid-LED technology, these halos ensure long-lasting performance. The Plug n Play setup simplifies installation further, and the included TechFlex mesh ensures durability. Additionally, they are compatible with the Morimoto XBT Controller, offering precise color control via a smartphone app. Whether you prioritize style, longevity, or ease of installation, Profile Prism LED Halos deliver the complete package for automotive lighting enthusiasts.


  • Exceptional Performance: Wide color spectrum for immersive lighting.
  • Uniform & Bright: Advanced silicone for even and bright light.
  • Hassle-Free Install: Integrated mounts, no messy glues or wires.
  • Long-Lasting: 50,000-hour lifespan with Hybrid-LED tech.
  • Plug n Play: Easy installation, no wire cutting, and durable TechFlex mesh.


  • LED Accents: 2x (One Pair) Profile Prism RGB LED Halos

  • Wiring: 2x Prism RGB Drivers

  • Optional RGB Controller: Morimoto XBT Bluetooth or Profile PrismPilot


This Profile product includes a 3 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Profile team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us. Refunds Not Accepted.


  • Colors: 6000K (Cool White), RGB

  • Strip Flexibility: Top Bend

  • Dimensions: 35in / 89cm (Input), 7mm W, 2mm D

  • Color When Off: Neutral White

  • Light Source: Proprietary SMD LED


  • Input: JST 4-Pin RGB

  • RGB Controllers: XBT Bluetooth (Recommended), Profile PrismPilot RF, or any 4-Wire RGBW+

  • Note: Not cuttable, not for fog light use, not to be used externally (voids warranty)


Profile Performance: The automotive aftermarket's best name in LED Lighting and when it comes to Universal LED Halos; easily the one we recommend. Fact is that while the rest of the industry is busy sticking their name on a generic or standing still with the same-old same-old; Profile is working hand-in-hand with the industry's experts to produce the performance that we all expect. Their universal color changing halo lights are unrivaled, and here's why.

What's Weird: Most everybody who buys an RGB setup is crazy focused on how it works in the white-mode...almost as if that's even more important than the rest of the colors. Well, the good news is that the new Profile Prism halos and their drivers have been tuned to produce an amazingly clear, neutral white, amber, and every other color in the spectrum for that matter. When paired up with the Morimoto XBT Controller & smart phone app, these produce very accurate colors...reds, blues, greens, teals, purples, pinks...you name it!

Uniformity: We've never seen an RGB ring produce such uniform, bright light. An updated blend of phosphorous silicone coats the front face of the Profile Prism halos and is responsible for their neutral "white when off" look and their amazing, uniform intensity - which is unlike anything else on the market. If you want to go for the "braces" look with all the exposed, generic LED's that everybody else is pushing...go for it... But you wont find any of that old-school stuff here.

EZ-Mount:There are three micro-mounts integrated into their backing, making the Prism's the easiest and cleanest halos on the market to install. (Patent Pending) Now you can forget about failing glue or wires wrapped around the face of your halos. Don't be "that guy" with dripping glue or picture hanging wire visible inside your headlights.

Reliability: The innovative Hybrid-LED color-changing technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost six straight years! Because they're based on much more stable and mature SMD-LEDs; they are considerably more reliable between hot/cold cycles compared to "new" COB based products. The complexity of their circuit boards has been minimized to reduce the chance of a failed contact, and the four solder points on the back are protected with resin.

Plug n Play: Unlike competing RGB "systems" that require complicated wiring from the user's side, all Prism LED setups are 100% Plug n Play. There is no wire stripping, cutting, or splicing involved within the kit. All wiring is insulated by rubber tubing then protected with TechFlex mesh for an OEM-like appearance, durability, and abrasion resistance. The LED drivers are housed inside an aluminum housing that's been anodized with an attractive piano black finish and laser engraved with the Profile Prism graphics. Make sure your setup looks good inside and out!

Remote Control: First-time users will need to purchase an optional RGB Controller. The Morimoto XBT is recommended for the best performance and color accuracy, has a killer Iphone/Android Bluetooth app, and three channels, which can be controlled independently. The Profile PrismPilot is a more basic RF-based setup that has four channels, but no smartphone app or independent output control.

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I installed this halo together with demon eye and other semi sircle and it is top quality and best of all it is BRIGHT!!! better than most OEM drl lights it visible on direct sunlight and looks badass i will definitely buy it again.


Profile Halos

by -

Fit well, looks great


Awesome colors, except for white


I installed a pair of these in my headlights and most of the colors are bright and look great. However, I wish these were RGBW (i.e., red, green, blue, white) halos instead of just RGB. I used to have a set of just white halos from TRS, and the white on those is what I loved and was hoping to get with these RGB halos. These RGB halos come very close to the white I was looking for but they do not meet my approval for a 100% perfect white like the switchback did. For the next version of these please make them RGBW, that would make them even better.


Best thing about custom headlights


These little lights completely change a headlight build. Something so simple can make the biggest difference in a retrofit, and the bluetooth controller with the app is great too.

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