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Switchback Accessories


When you're an automotive enthusiast, you take pride in your ride and enjoy making custom upgrades that set your car apart from the crowd. One of the coolest new ways to modify your vehicle's lighting is to choose from our impressive selection of switchback LEDs and accessories. You get bright white lighting for regular driving and amber turn signals for added style and visibility when you're turning. Browse our selection of switchback accessories to discover all of our LED bulb and strip kits to create your unique look.


At The Retrofit Source, we don’t sell products we wouldn’t buy for ourselves. We’re a dedicated team of automotive enthusiasts who border on obsessive when it comes to our cars, trucks and SUVs. Other sources of aftermarket automotive lighting simply sell you a product. With TRS, you’re getting our knowledge and experience to help you choose the best switchback LED lights and bulbs. You can choose the right model for your vehicle from our vehicle-specific sets or choose custom kits that can be added to any model or year of car. Choose from popular kits such as Demon Eyes headlights that offer a great mix of performance, reliability and value.


While we may be the market leader in upgrade automotive headlights and switchback accessories, that doesn't mean we're the most expensive. Add in our legendary customer service and we really can't be beaten. Check out testimonials from our valued customers on Google, Yelp and Facebook to be sure you're getting the best LED switchback bulbs and accessories available. We're confident that we offer the best selection and top-quality products, so come and learn more about the advantages of trusting TRS for your LED switchback purchase


At TRS, our LED switchback light and bulb lineup represents some of the best technology available on the market. You get LED technology designed for fast and reliable switching between white and amber for years of service and consistent blinking. You not only get a cool and unique style that sets your car apart from the others on the road, but you also benefit from increased visibility when turning. The extra accent lighting makes you more visible to other vehicles when you’re turning thanks to the bright and unique signal pattern switchback LED bulbs and strips offer.


While our products are impressive, our customer service is also worth bragging about. To offer you better value, we’ve staffed our office with a fun bunch of automotive enthusiasts. Why is this important? It means that we understand the demands and expectations of guys and gals who upgrade their cars. In fact, many of us do the same. If you’re not sure which model of switchback LEDs to choose or want more information on the different brands and kits, you can contact us. One of our team members will answer your questions and point you to the perfect LED switchback lights for your ride. We’ll even throw in free shipping to sweeten the deal, so check out our selection of class-leading LED switchback kits now. We’re always excited when a new customer takes the plunge and creates a custom look with one of our products, so place your order today!