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Whether you drive a classic truck, customized compact, sports car, or luxury sedan, halo LED headlights provide an eye-catching accent that stands out in the parking lot and on the road. Our halo angel eye headlights not only deliver a customized look and modern style, but they also provide improved visibility over your factory equipment.

As the leading source of premier automotive lighting solutions, The Retrofit Source Inc. carries the best selection of competitively priced halo LED headlights and auxiliary lighting that set the industry standard.


When you’re looking for a custom modification that makes a major impact, few lighting upgrades provide the bang for the buck as halo LED headlights. Let’s be honest. Modern halos can look pretty sweet on almost any type of vehicles, but just as often they come off flimsy and cheap. The LED angel eye headlights and LED strips we sell offer quality you can be proud of.

We carry LED halos and strips for trucks, cars, and virtually any other type of on- or off-road vehicle. These halo angel eyes are super easy to work with, so you never have to wear the embarrassment of a messy, lopsided, and glue-stained installation. The angel eyes themselves deliver the uniform intensity and seamless functionality you’d expect from a superior aftermarket product.


While some drivers are searching for a modification that upgrades safety and adds a subtle style to their vehicles, others won’t stop until they have the most original looking ride on the road. Our extensive inventory includes white and amber switchback LED angel eyes and LED strips, color changing LED angel eyes and LED strips, and single-color LED strips.

Halo LED headlights can be configured to run white only, amber only, or with a switchback LED chip that changes between colors. Halo headlights with Hybrid-LED RGB colorchanging technology are capable of simultaneously controlling as many as three sets of XBT Rings, XBT Strips, XBT Demon Eyes, or a combination of them all.


We’ve been designing, producing and selling the highest quality automotive lighting upgrades for over a decade. It’s our goal to deliver the right products for your specific needs at a competitive price. From easy online shopping and free shipping to customer service and dedicated after sale support, nobody treats car guys better than the experts at TRS.

Get in touch with us for assistance finding the halo LED angel eye headlights and LED strips you need to set off the look for your favorite vehicle. Place your order today!