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If you’re kicking around the idea of swapping out your existing lights with LED replacement bulbs, you’ve come to the right place. We call on over a decade of industry experience to ensure our inventory of LED light bulbs deliver all the benefits you’re looking for with none of the draw backs of other subpar LEDs. Whether you’re in the market for an LED headlight upgrade, LED tail light bulb conversion or interior and auxiliary lighting, you’ll find a quality solution from The Retrofit Source Inc. that fits your budget and your needs.

Browse our selection of LED automotive light bulbs and place your order today!


You wouldn’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends were doing it. But would you replace your automotive lights with LED alternatives for the same reason? For years now, it seems like people have been falling in love with LED lighting for all the wrong reasons. Call us old fashioned, but it took some time and plenty of convincing before we got into the automotive LED replacement bulb game. 

We’re finally offering a complete selection of LED headlights, LED reverse light bulbs and LED interior bulbs because they actually deliver on the promise of being more reliable, efficient, and effective. The replacement LED bulbs we carry provide a modern style to virtually any automobile, and they give off a beautiful white color you commonly only find in a luxury car. LED lights by nature put less of a drain on your electrical system, last much longer than conventional bulbs — and, oh yeah, on high beam, they’re retina-burning bright!


We carry a variety of LED automotive lighting options including:

— Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs. For trucks, cars, motorcycles, buses, and virtually any motor vehicles, the quality 2Stroke LED headlight bulbs provide a distinctive look and a clear and effective beam pattern for safe nighttime driving. These LED headlight upgrades are designed for exceptional heat management and give off a more consistent beam while drawing less power than a traditional bulb.

— LED Reverse Light Bulbs. We carry the most modern-performing LED reverse light replacements capable of illuminating potential dangers that lurk behind your vehicle when backing up. They’re also bright enough to alert other motorists and pedestrians you’re in reverse from a greater distance with a powerful output that beams light directly backward.

— Interior, All-Purpose LED Automotive Light Bulbs. We have to say, when you get the color of the light right and eliminate those dull off-whites and irritating blue tints, there’s something pretty cool about a vehicle rocking LEDs. We carry a range of options in interior and all-purpose LED replacement bulbs that are versatile for a range of applications and deliver a steady clear white beam that’s truly a thing of beauty.


Trust LED replacement bulbs from genuine car guys who know the difference between a quality product and an over-hyped piece of junk. TRS offers free shipping on competitively priced products backed by customer service and support from real automotive enthusiasts. Get in touch for more information and assistance with placing your order for LED replacement bulbs today!