LED Lighting

Daytime Running Lights


Being seen is important when you’re on the road. It makes you more visible to traffic and pedestrians, increasing your safety. It also makes your car stand out from the others on the road — and let’s be honest, we all want a little attention from time to time! Your car will even get noticed when it’s stopped when you equip it with daytime running lights from The Retrofit Source. We carry a huge selection of LED running lights for all different makes and models of vehicle as well as kits that can be adapted to many late-model and classic cars. Every car deserves to be seen, so make sure your car, truck, van or SUV doesn’t go unnoticed by upgrading to our best daytime running light bulbs and kits!


An upgrade to daytime running lights offers a performance advantage on the road and makes your car look great. That’s the kind of mod that enthusiasts like you dream of. Our staff here at TRS feels the same way. We’re a cool bunch of car guys and gals who love upgrading our cars with the very accessories we sell. We take the time to install our own products to be sure you’re getting LED running lights that are fast and easy to install. This also allows us to give you tips and advice when you’re looking to choose your own set of auto running LED kits. You’re going to be satisfied with your purchase.


At TRS, we don’t carry under-performing automotive lights. We leave that for the other sites. We only carry high-power lights and bulbs that improve on the original lights installed on your vehicle. Our daytime running light kits use LED technology to offer improved performance and reliability. LED lights resist shocks, vibration and heat to offer many more hours of service than standard lights. Don’t settle for second-rate daytime running lights when you can have the best selection on the market of high-quality, high-value kits and bulbs from our large catalog..


You want to spend less time shopping and more time enjoying your upgraded car. That's why we've created our site for fast and easy shopping. Simply click on the LED running light products that interest you and read up on the various features and specifications. If you have any questions, we can answer them and help you make the right choice for your model of vehicle. Then, it’s simply a matter of adding to your cart and placing your order. We offer free shipping as another way to add value to what we do. You’ll have your auto LED daytime running lights in your hands in no time. All that’s left is to install them according to the clear and detailed instructions provided and enjoy increased visibility and style every time you hit the road!


You’re going to be satisfied with our selection of daytime running light LEDs. How do we know? We have a bunch of testimonials from satisfied customers to share on Facebook, Yelp and Google. Come and discover how TRS became the leading online source for aftermarket automotive headlights and daytime running lights and create a custom look for your ride today.