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LED Lighting


With light emitting diodes (LEDs) becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry, The Retrofit Source Inc. makes it our business to stay on top of the latest trends and search for the most effective products, and offer them in our catalog.

As a bunch of automotive lighting nerds, we take pleasure in weeding out subpar products to ensure all our LED offerings are worthy of your investment. Whether you want to upgrade your headlights, tail lights or fog lights, or you’re searching for a cool way to customize your ride, TRS has an extensive selection of automotive LED bulbs for sale at prices that won’t bust the budget.


Not too long ago, we were still questioning the validity of selling LED lights for headlights. Today, we can tell you with confidence that the LED headlight kits in our inventory deliver the goods in terms of light quality, energy efficiency and long-term reliability. They're getting better and better each year, so finally you won’t be putting yourself in harm’s way while driving at night or in dark conditions with power LED bulbs that effectively transfer their exceptional luminosity onto the road in an reasonably effective beam pattern.

We also carry options in aftermarket and OEM quality LED reverse light bulbs that represent the cutting-edge of quality and performance. These little puppies deliver a powerful output of lumens that lights up the entire surface of your rear light reflectors. You can actually see everything that lurks behind you in the night.


With over a decade of experience in the aftermarket auto lighting industry, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. While some are always searching for ways to make their vehicles safer on the road, others are obsessed with making a personal style statement. No matter which way you’re leaning at the moment, you’re sure to find the LED lights that fit your needs.

Featured products in our inventory include:

— All-purpose LED bulbs that work as upgrades for everything from signal markers and city lights to brake and taillights. We carry LED lights from leading brands such as Osram, Philips, ACME and Morimoto in a variety of types and configurations.

— Switchback signal bulbs that provide style and functionality with ultra bright white and amber LED light for signaling. These bulbs instantly enhance safety as well as style, providing seamlessly smooth transitions as they fade in and out of colors.

— LED halos and strips that actually give your ride luxury appeal — as opposed to lesser engineered LED accent lights that just look cheap. We offer an array of white/amber switchback, single color and color changing LED angel eyes and strips. Whether you want to be more visible on the road or stand out from the crowd, these automotive LEDs answer the call.

— Off-road LED automotive lights that are capable of turning back the night on the darkest country road, track or trail. You’ll find LED spotlights and light bars that deliver up to 17,600 lumens of mosquito-melting light.

Shine a brighter light on the road and spotlight your vehicle’s custom style with LED options from TRS. Shop our selection today or get in touch about putting together an LED headlight kit tailored to your needs.