LED Accessories

Exterior / Interior Lighting

Adding colored accents to your vehicle, be it a car, truck, or motorcycle has never been more popular. Our selection of wheel rings, grille accents, and rock lights are one way to add beautiful underglow style lighting to your ride. While only a few color options of the color palette are road legal on public roads, all are approved for private property like parking lots and private roads. Enjoy your choice of any color light output almost anywhere on your vehicle with Morimoto and Profile LED products from The Retrofit Source. These LED accents are the most color-accurate and brightest LED products available on the market today, as well as the most reliable LED products on the market. Their weather-resistance can best be described as waterproof but for important connections under the vehicle, we strongly recommend dielectric grease and waterproof glued heat shrink tubing over these connections. Our new option of single color rock lights are priced lower than the competition, offer similar build quality and weather resistance, and are more intense than ever imagined. Single color LEDs can be run at much higher power than multi-color RGB LEDs and because of this the single-color options are slightly more intense than the color changing RGB rock light pods. Our selection of Profile Pixel Wheel Rings are simply screwed to the dust back plates of the brake assembly, allowing them to "hover" around the brake rotor and illuminate not only the inside of the wheel barrel, but also illuminate the ground around the wheel and wheel wells with any intense color of your choice, all from the ease and control of your hand held remote or phone bluetooth app control. This initially was popular for badass lifted trucks showing off their custom suspension, but later has grown in popularity for many car and truck options alike. Shop your selection of the brightest, best optioned, most unique wheel ring LED accent halos on the market today!