LED Accessories

Daytime Running Lights

LED daytime running lights or LED DRLs are something that has become to define a vehicle from some distance away. Things like BMW Angel Eyes are very unique identifiers of BMW cars. For older vehicles that didn't have any LED lighting at all, adding LED DRLs from The Retrofit Source are a great way to not only customize your car, truck, or motorcycle, but are also considered a safety feature to increase visibility immediately, and from a further distance. LEDs are great for turn signal and market light bulbs as they illuminate faster and with more intensity, but they also offer very low power draw for older vehicles with smaller electrical systems. Universal mounting brackets for these LED DRLs allow your choice of where to mount the LED daytime running lights, but also ability to adjust and aim them for the best visibility. Whether your vehicle is used in constant traffic or in the country, LED daytime running lights can benefit your safety and also provide that unique look you're after whether you have a 1992 Honda Civic or a 2014 GMC Sierra truck. Bright LED daytime running lights offer crisp white or pure white light and are very easy to install with plug and play wiring for many applications.