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Back at it: We originally had a shipment of these back in late 2015 and were blown away at the output then. Even still, they're solid LED projectors, keeping up with the potent Morimoto M LED Bi-LED projectors that now dominate the market. Wanting OEM Bi-LEDs? Nothing beats these.

Integration: They have integrated LED drivers, so there is no external wiring or extra components to worry about mounting. Just apply power to the correct input pins (simple) and you're on your way! These even have a low-output DRL mode.

Trusted: For more than a decade, we've worked hard to earn our killer reputation. Car guys world-wide know that TRS carries the internet's best selection of high performance automotive and powersport lighting products at the best prices, and we've got the best, most knowledgeable team of real enthusiasts to help back it up. If we sell it, then you bet we've put it to the test on our own cars, trucks, and bikes. Need a recommendation on parts for your project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact Us

Product Specs

  • What's Included


  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • Compatibility

  • FACTORY IN: 2016+ Toyota Prius

  • GOOD FOR: Projector Retrofitting!

  • Tech Specs

  • HEIGHT: 90mm (3.5") (trimmed)

  • WIDTH: 115mm (4.25")

  • DEPTH: 120mm (4.85")


  • LUMINOSITY: 2000lm (est.)

  • HUE: 5500K (Pure White)

  • PINOUT: Black - Ground, Yellow - Low Beam +, Green - When grounded, dims LED and shuts off fan (DRL mode), Blue - High Beam +, White - Not used

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