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An LED headlight conversion is one of the brightest ideas you can have. LED lights give you better visibility than your stock headlights and keep you safer on the road. Our LED conversion kits make it easy to upgrade your car to this impressive technology and benefit from improved lighting for all nighttime and low-light driving. Here at The Retrofit Source, we're known for a lot of bright ideas — but our LED car and truck headlights are certainly the brightest! Come and discover our impressive selection of automotive LED headlight kits and bulbs today.


Beyond the obvious performance advantage of our best LED headlights, you also benefit from improved reliability when you choose to upgrade your car, truck, van or SUV to this modern technology. LED bulbs don't have a filament like traditional bulbs and are much more resistant to vibration, impact, heat and cracking. This means your upgraded headlights will give you reliable service for years to come and always be ready to lead you home. You can check out the testimonials on Facebook, Yelp or Google to see just how happy our customers are with our quality LED headlight conversion kits.


Upgrading to LED headlights for your vehicle doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. We have competitive pricing on all of our kits and bulbs so you can upgrade all of your vehicles. We provide clear, upfront pricing information on all of our products so you can compare with the competition. You’ll find that we have the highest-quality products anywhere and that we make it easy for you to swap all of your vehicles to LED. Browse our catalog and discover just how rewarding it can be to switch to high-power LED automotive lighting. We also offer free shipping on all orders to save you money and get your headlight kit to you quickly.


You don’t have to be an automotive repair whiz to install our LED headlights. All of our kits are easy to install, with straightforward instructions and all the parts and accessories you need. Search our catalog according to your model of vehicle to be sure you’re getting the right kit for your car, truck, van or SUV. We only carry the top brands that have been proven easy to install. Our team members have even installed most of our headlight kits on their own vehicles to be sure they work as well as advertised. We wouldn’t sell a product we wouldn’t use ourselves, which is our way of ensuring your satisfaction with all of our LED headlight conversion kits.


On top of our cutting-edge LED conversion kits for your vehicle, here at TRS, we offer the best customer service you'll find anywhere. We're automotive enthusiasts like you and are available to answer any of your questions. Contact us online or give us a call and we'll help you choose the right headlight conversion kit for your car and give you tips and advice for fast and easy installation. Come and find out why more and more customers are opting for our top-quality LED headlights for added visibility, safety and reliability.