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Safely getting from Point A to Point B these days is tough enough before you add adverse whether conditions into the equation. When the moisture levels are high and the fog is so thick you can cut it with a knife, modern LED fog lights for cars and trucks make a world of difference.

Whether your fog lights just aren’t getting the job done or you have a vehicle that wasn’t originally equipped with them, The Retrofit Source Inc. has a full range of solutions to choose from.

Check out our selection of LED fog light conversion kits and place your order today.


There’s nothing wrong with being old fashioned, but if you still haven’t switched to LED projector fog lights, you’re sort of living in the dark ages of lighting. We carry a large selection of fog light conversion kits from legendary brands such as Morimoto and JW Speaker that represent the highest quality at a price that won’t hit you like a punch to the gut. These fog lights for trucks and cars offer a nearly infinite life span, look great and perform even better.

As motor heads obsessed with finding the best premium automobile lighting options on the market, we’ve personally tried out all of the products in our inventory. Our LED projector fog lights for sale offer clean and easy installation, improved performance in foggy conditions and meet or exceed SAE, DOT, and ECE regulations. We’re talking up to 1200 raw lumens per side for a concentrated, super wide and evenly distributed beam that’s as pure as the driven snow. It’s truly a thing of beauty for lighting nerds everywhere.


Our universal LED fog light housings are among the most popular on the market. Just check out our parking lot, and you’re sure to see more than a few vehicles rocking them. These premium quality aftermarket fog light housings are a true game changer when compared to run-of-the-mill LED replacement bulbs. And like the name suggests, you get the flexibility of a universal fog light with a fully adjustable four-point mounting system that fits almost any vehicle or can be retrofitted into existing housings.

The vehicle-specific models we carry are designed to swap in place of original halogen units using stock mounting locations. Integrated height adjusters allow you to dial them in for the perfect angle and alignment, while plug-and-play installation means you never have to make modifications or fuss around with special wiring. Foreign or domestic, late model or old school, you’re sure to find LED fog lights in our inventory that provide a perfect fit.


When it comes to premium automobile lighting solutions, nobody can compete with our combination of quality, selection, service, and value. We offer free shipping and competitive prices. We also stand behind everything we sell, and we provide expert advice and ongoing support. Get in touch if you have any questions and place your order for an LED fog light conversion kit today.