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Vehicle specific HID kits are made for a few models to ensure they are error free, plug and play, and have no flickering. There are many picky vehicles from Mopar, which is Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and SRT, which for some reason are very finicky using anything other than the factory bulb type, even if you try to use canbus plug and play LED bulbs. For these vehicles, we include the necessary wire harness to ensure no flickering or bulb out errors will arise. Concerned that your expensive truck or car can't have the niceties of upgraded headlights or fog lights? Worry no more with Morimoto HID kits. Other models in our vehicle specific hid kits category are motorcycles, which can also benefit from headlight upgrades with a motorcycle hid kit. These kits use special harnesses with cut lengths made just for motorcycles since the battery is under the seat, where the ballast should also be fitted. Then the headlight of the motorcycle is a few feet away from the seat requiring longer output leads. Certain motorcycle harness models also have a time delay feature where the hid ballast does not turn on immediately when starting the bike but waits an additional ten seconds to start the hid ballast. This is because the small electrical system of the bike is already at capacity when starting, so no reason to add in the additional load of an hid ballast during startup of the bike. Whether your vehicle has finicky wiring like mopar hid kits are used for, or you're trying to add an hid kit to your motorcycle or bike hid kit, each can be found in the vehicle specific hid kit category here at The Retrofit Source.