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The Retrofit Source is home of the best selling and best performing HID systems or HID kits on the market. Morimoto XB35 and XB55 HID ballasts have sold more through us than any other aftermarket HID ballast by anyone, ever. Yes, truly we have sold that many, believed to be almost 300,000 units shipped. Truly incredible. Morimoto Elite HID kits are very reliable as well, with regular revisions to improve the already fast startup time, but also their durability and reliability, even in the worst of conditions. Whether you are in the cold winter nights or the hottest days of summer, these ballasts will fire up every time. If they cease to operate, we do offer the industry's best warranty policy, which is as simple as a field destroy of the faulty part and a replacement is furnished at no cost within the warranty period, which is up to five years. Outstanding. HID kits originally were very expensive, because the technology of what is inside ballasts, such as DSP chipsets, was very expensive. As years have progressed, our pricing has lowered but not following cheap Chinese HID kits, instead it has lowered slightly and remained constant for almost eight years. The quality of the components, as well as their performance, is what has improved, providing you with more value than any other kit on the market. The new Morimoto ballasts will perform even better too, with fully potted circuitry, detachable igniters in your choice of AMP or amphenol or D2S D2R style connectors. Newer additions for this is the D1S D1R D3S D3R compatibility, requiring simple adapters for these popular ballasts. The HID bulbs as part of these HID kits have improved over the years as well, now using bulbs that perform better than Philips or Osram, have a lower rate of dimming than any other aftermarket replacement HID bulbs on the market, and come in your choice of colors, from golden amber to warm white, crisp white, ice white, or even a slight hint of blue or cool blue. The harness is comprised of options between mopar-specific for picky Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and other picky vehicles' wiring to be plug and play no flickering. Canbus systems have a compatible option with the canbus harnesses, which ensure there is no flickering and error free performance for years to come. For most vehicles, the HD relay harness uses very nice braided mesh, thick 14AWG wiring, dual relay harness design, and is also plug and play. We see more issues on vehicles that the ballast does not plug in to a harness but right into the factory connector that have flickering, errors, or other issues. Not a problem with the versatile and high-performance Morimoto HID systems or HID kits!