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Looking for the largest selection of replacement Osram Philips or Morimoto HID bulbs available? Look no further! Whether just after an affordable alternative to OEM, an exact match for your OEM HID bulb, or even an upgrade from your OEM HID bulb to one of a high performance OEM HID bulb replacement, we have them all, and in any quantity you like! Shop your budget worth and get the most for your dollar, as our prices are unbeatable! Morimoto HID bulbs are a great budget replacement that are fully compatible with your factory hid ballasts without modifications. Some Morimoto bulbs perform better than entry level budget Osram or Philips bulbs, offering a great value or even the best value of HID replacement bulbs. If you insist on authentic Osram or Philips HID bulbs, look no further! We've sold more OEM replacement HID bulbs than most any other source. Our selection of authentic original Osram bulbs is constantly rotating, and Philips bulbs are in stock always. Finding better pricing somewhere? Do not worry as we are glad to price match and offer the best pricing of any seller of authentic goods.