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The Retrofit Source is your source for replacement or new OEM HID ballasts for your car, truck, motorcycle, or anything else you may have! Our selection of both original authentic factory HID ballasts and approved suitable replacements allow for your budget needs to be met either way! Don't go to the dealer! We have much better prices and we are a lighting-focused company, so we can help you troubleshoot and replace only what is faulty! HID ballasts can fail from faulty design, water intrusion in the headlight or ballast base, or from age. All HID ballasts reduce output and performance over time as they age and are used, so it is not unusual to have a faulty oem hid ballast that needs a new replacement oem hid ballast. That is why we are here to help replace it! We offer authentic parts and more affordable replica ballasts you can use to replace a failed stock ballast or add a factory-fit ballast in new headlights that do not have ballasts perhaps. Regardless of your need or fitment, we likely have a replacement HID ballast just for you, so contact TRS today!